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What is a Game Mode?

A Game Mode is a bundle of files stored in a folder inside the "GameModes" directory that can contain maps, scripts and all kinds of other content that modify the gameplay, story, functionality, look and feel of Pokémon 3D. It is not to be confused with a Content Pack, because while Content Packs can change a lot of content too, they are only used for the player that is using them and don't change the base game. Content Packs also can't include scripts and maps like Game Modes can.


If you have attempted to install a Game Mode and encounter a bug, please notify the creator of the Game Mode first before posting the bug on our Discord Server.

Preparation, required files/folders and usage

Game Mode menu in v0.59

Creating a Game Mode

In order to properly create a Game Mode, you should create a new offline save game, and then enable the SandBoxMode for that save game. You can do that by opening the player.dat file inside the folder with your Player's name in the "Save" directory using a text editor like Notepad. After that, you should change the "GameMode|" property in the player.dat file to the folder name of your Game Mode.

Adding Existing Game Modes

  • Step 1: Be sure to run the game at least once to generate the "GameModes" folder.
  • Step 2: Put the desired Game Mode inside the "GameModes" folder (if it's in a .zip file, extract it.)
  • Step 3: In the Main Menu, go to the "New Game" button on the far right.
  • Step 4: Select the desired Game Mode in the list that appears.


Each Game Mode Contains a file called GameMode.dat that tells the game how to run.

Where can I learn to create content?

Most of the types of content are described in detail on the wiki. Most of them are linked through this page.

Any questions can be asked in our Discord Server.

Released Game Modes

Check the resources, you can find all sorts of content there (including Game Modes)!

Game Folder
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Pokemon Data ContentPack Folder GameMode folder Savegame folder Version History
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