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At the current Point of the Game Saves are editable so as to allow people to get to unreachable areas and gain other Pokemon and fix minor bugs.

Within the Saves folder are 3 files and A folder for each save plus an auto save. The Save folder is located in the Pokemon Folder.



Contains a list of all of the controls that you may edit to get different controls.

Contains the name of the last save file used.


contains a list of all of the options used accessed in the options menu. As well as the current language and any content packs in use.

Save Folder

Each file contains 12 files that determine the saves.


Every entry has format {map file|x,y,z|year,month,day,hour,minute,second}, which are all whole numbers from 0 to 2147483647. The last part of the code represents the time you've last picked up the apricorn. By version 0.21 and later, an additional line is added: {Kurt|red apricorn amount,blue apricorn amount,yellow apricorn amount,green apricorn amount,white apricorn amount,black apricorn amount,pink apricorn amount|year,month,day,hour,minute,second}. This line represents data of Kurt, who make Pokeballs out of apricorns. The time represents the time you've made a request to make Pokeballs.


Every entry has format {map file|x,y,z|berry ID minus 2000,number of berries,number of stages watered|year,month,day,hour,minute,second}, which are all whole numbers from 0 to 2147483647. The last part of the code represents the time you've planted the seed.


A register of each Pokemon in the boxes.

Pokemon are registered: #1,#2,Pokemon Code

  • #1 - the box the Pokemon is in.
  • #2 - the position in the box the Pokemon is in.
  • Pokemon Code - The specific code for a pokemon.



Contains a register of every item you have picked up.



Displays each item that you have.



A record of all of the NPCs that have been moved/removed from the Maps.



contains the options for

  • Field of View
  • Text Speed
  • Mouse Speed


Contains the Pokemon Code for each Pokemon in the Party.


Contains all of the data for the trainer


Contains a list of all the pokemon by their ID# and if you have registered them or not in the dex.

  • 0 = Unseen
  • 1 = Seen
  • 2 = Caught


Contains a list of every event registered.

Game Folder
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