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The scripts folder contains all of the scripts for in-game events. It also contains the Trainer files and the files for the world maps.

Starting with version 0.32 a second scripting language known as version=2 was implemented into the game. Starting with version 0.33 all new scripts for the main game are made in version=2 scripts.

Version 1 Scripts

These scripts follow the @Command:subcommand pattern with not all Commands needing sub commands.

Version 1 is Case Sensitive.

These scripts are still supported but are not used by the dev team when making new scripts.

Version 2 Scripts

Version 2 scripts were started in version 0.32. Any script in Version 2 must have "version=2" as the first line of the script.

Commands are written as @command.subcommand and are no longer case sensitive. All commands require a subcommand.

Constructs were also expanded to be <construct.subconstruct> and can be used with switches too

There are numerous scripts that can be used withing the Pokemon 3D game.

Trainer Files

Trainer files all have the extension .trainer. There are 2 types of trainer files, one that is less descriptive and one that is more.

World Map

World map files are stored in the /Scripts/worldmap/ folder and are named for the region the represent.

As part of the header for a map file the {"CurrentRegion"{str[regionname]}} is listed which dictates which map is looked at when viewing the town map or when flying.

This feature was implemented in version 0.3 along with Fly.

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