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Current Info
Today is 24 July 2024.

The game's current and most recent version is Indev 0.60.1

The game's current in-game season is Winter.

The game's official public Discord server can be joined here:

The Program

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Version history
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Co-op Servers
Latest Game Update News:

Minor Update News (Indev 0.60.1):

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed story phone calls not being properly forced.
  • Fixed items not being removed when picked up.
  • Fixed crash on the home screen when you don’t have an offline save.
  • Fixed crash with hiker anthony rematches.
  • Adjusted the rock tunnel layout slightly.
  • Fixed crash with item steal moves.
  • Fixed RageCandybar salesman taking money you don’t have.
  • Fixed turning during the Ilex farfetch’d event.
  • Fixed Fisherman Tully not giving your phone number.
  • Fixed Meowstic textures.
  • Adjust the script for the Legendary beast release sequence in Burned Tower.
  • Fixed bird Keeper Joe’s text.
  • Fixed an issue where non-roamers(trainers too) could behave like roamers and flee mid battle.
  • Fixed crash when switching during the same turn your opponent gains shadow tag.

Major Update News (Indev 0.60):

Headline features

  • The Battle Frontier has been completely redesigned as an independent set of islands and is no longer connected to Route 40. You can now access it from the SeaPlane Port on Route 50 after defeating Red for the first time. Currently only the Battle Tower and the Battle Factory are operational, but the designs of several other facilities are already in place so you can see what will be coming in future versions. The redesign also includes an expanded selection of shops for using BP. Also endless mode now has a breakroom feature to allow for the pausing of a challenge, this is forced every 20 battles to resolve a crash when looping the Battle Frontier scripts 50 times in endless mode thus preventing a higher score than 49 battles in endless mode.
  • Voltorb Flip is now implemented in the game. The full game functionality is available in Celadon City in the old Game Corner Prize building. You can now earn coins to exchange for fabulous prizes!
  • Mail has been completely reworked with a whole new system for viewing the mail in the PC and new behaviors for attaching and detaching mail from your Pokémon. Mailman achievement is now obtainable

Major improvements

  • The Pokédex screens have received some major improvements, specifically for displaying details of alternate forms of Pokémon. This also includes several features for GameMode devs to use for their own implementations of the Pokédex.
  • All Phone calls in Johto have been reworked. Outside of major scripted events answering calls is now optional! However answering those calls has gotten significantly more rewarding with stronger matches and better gifts now available from EVERY phone call trainer. Phone call trainers in Kanto and Sevii Islands are likely coming soon.
  • Pokémon additional forms were reworked to be more customizable for GameModes. Most of the functionality is now controlled by a text data file(content\data\forms.dat) instead of hard code.
  • A handful of Additional forms and newer generation Pokémon were implemented and Kleavor and Ursaluna should now be accessible in game.

GameMode, Scripting and Mapping changes

  • Custom items are now supported for GameModes, these are located at \Content\data\items\ including an example file
  •,alloweditems) - opens an inventory menu to select an item
    • allowedpages - a list of the pages items can be selected from separated by ; , listed either by index (0;1;2…) or by name (standard;medicine;plants)
    • alloweditems - a list of the item IDs that can be chosen, ranges can be given (e.g. 1-10) and multiple ranges or single items can be listed with ; separating them (1-0;15;25;30-34;36)
  • <inventory.selected> - returns the ID of the item selected by
  • Added new shopidentifer argument to - When added it will track items sold from the shop to allow for inventory to be depleted permanently. Stored as a register (identifier_itemID)
  • @music.force(songfile) - Locks the given song as the one to play even when warping to new maps or riding/surfing
  • @music.unforce - Removes a previous @music.force()
  • @pokemon.addev(PartyID,stat,value) - Adds the given value to the given stat of the given party member, EVs capped at 255/stat, 510/Pokémon
  • @pokemon.levelup(partyid,levels) - Increases the given party member’s levels by the given amount, allowing for correct exp gain and level up moves
  • <pokemon.nickname> now returns the species name if there is no nickname
  • @pokedex.changeentry(ID,entrytype,[force]) - changes the entry type of a Pokemon
    • ID - The Dex Id of a Pokemon, number or number_form
    • entrytype - 0 (unseen), 1 (seen), 2 (caught) or 3 (shiny)
    • force - Optional boolean, when true this command can decrease the entry type
  • The last argument of @text.notification() now forces the associated script to run even if not accepted when true
  • Frontier emblems can now be changed from the \content\data\badges\ folder
  • @player.removefrontieremblem(ID) - removes the given frontier emblem
  • Added compass directions to the debug overlay
  • Water Speed is now a GameMode Variable
  • @script.delay(script,Type,Value) - stores a script to be run after a delay, delay is currently only for steps taken.
  • @script.cleardelay(script,Type,Value) - clears an existing delay, preventing it from coming up
  • <script.delay(variablename) - calls the value stored for the current active delay , “type”, “script” or “value”
  • Added new optional argument to @screen.halloffame for the background map
  • Added optional credit “pages” available for GameModes and set some default ones to hide when in a GM
  • Added EnvironmentType evo condition, can list multiple or can list one to exclude
  • Can list multiple Place names in one evo condition, can exclude places
  • @Pokemon.SetStatus(partyIndex,status)

Other significant changes

  • Mouse click can now be used in the PSS
  • PSS now has a PM function
  • Battles can now continue while the chat is active
  • Limited character names to 20 characters and Pokemon nicknames to 12 characters
  • AlexCorruptor is now available on Kolben Tower 3F
  • Pokedex “[MAX]” now returns 1010 instead of 893
  • Held items of released Pokemon now return to the bag
  • Added localization for field moves and switching
  • Implemented Moves:
    • Encore
    • Strange Steam
    • Rage Fist
  • Animated the following moves:
    • Ice Punch
    • Psychic
    • Confuse Ray
    • Flash

Bug Fixes and small adjustments

  • Fixed several small spelling and grammar errors
  • Fixed NPC.spawn not being able to take <> or <>
  • Fixed nested structures not working
  • NPCs that “dance” no longer get forced to integer positions after dancing
  • Force switch moves can nolonger result in a battling egg
  • Fixed evolution conditions for Swilix and Slurpuff
  • The “OpenMenu” key now uses the correct keyword
  • Removed “Pal Park” from the Kanto World Map
  • Fixed scroll wheel not being able to reach every item in the bag
  • Fixed <> not working for pokemon add commands
  • Fixed an issue with items taken from Pokemon being wrong
  • Fixed the animations for Frozen status
  • Fixed water animation not changing when swapping GameModes
  • Fixed Aragas’s Russia Poster
  • Having Running or Ride active while in a script no longer effects the Player’s scripted movement
  • Fixed new saves getting junk berry data
  • Fixed Whirlwind
  • Fly does not consider where the player will land when determining if the player can fly to a given map, only the maps listed in “MapFiles”
  • Fixed girl in Radio Tower who gives you Sunny Day TM.
  • Fixed Stealth Rock
  • Fixed trainer AI failing to find non damaging moves when no damaging moves exist
  • Fixed being able to leave New Bark Town without a Pokémon from Elm using a daily reward Pokémon
  • Fixed Squirtle script in Pallet Town saying you got a Bulbasaur
  • Fixed SSAqua bed script saying the wrong destination
  • Revival Herb is now Medicine
  • Fixed Cherubi’s wild held item
  • Fixed the boat’s behavior at Memorial Pillar after clearing Team Rocket
  • Can now fly from Tin Tower Roof
  • Fixed battle maps getting old offset data sometimes
  • Fixed @entity.setscale when changing a model
  • Pause Player animations when game is paused
  • Fixed Berserk Gene
  • Fixed headbutt requiring the Hive Badge
  • Fixed several OW sprites
  • Fixed Pokedex Radio
  • Added headbutt encounters on Route 34 and 38
  • Fix a bug with the `@script.start` command in while loops
  • Expanded trainer OT to 6 characters and removed some old patches
  • Fix Magnitude Power

Minor Update News (Indev 0.59.3):

New features

  • Overworld poison with recovery at 1HP no longer has issues with fainted pokemon or low hp pokemon
  • Pokemon will no longer attempt to learn the same move twice when leveling up
  • New offline saves will now wipe data if you never saved for the previous new game
  • @npc.spawn() can now set move rectangles
  • <system.button> can now track the running shoes key
  • Each damage of overworld poison now plays a sound
  • Fix the font on the map screen
  • Full restores now actually heal opponent’s confusion

Minor Update News (Indev 0.59.2):

New features

  • Offset map positions now use sngs instead of ints
  • Map tags can now set season for a specific map using {"Season"{int[season]}}
  • Added map tag {"SaveOnly"{bool[default = 0]}} to allow only saving in the menus on that map
  • Content folder path is no longer displayed in the details when selecting a GameMode
  • Big static sprites now use Pokémon numbers instead of names as their filename like all other media
  • View bobbing stops when sliding on ice
  • AnimatedBlock entities now support season texturing
  • GameModes can now set different initial berry data
  • Rotated water and waterfall animation can now be stored vertically in texture files instead of only horizontally when you add ,1 at the end of the AdditionalData tag when defining Water entities (eg. {"AdditionalValue"{str[Texture,X,Y,Width,Height,1]}}) and several glitches are cleared up
  • GameModes can now prevent saving by adding (SavingDisabled|1) to the Gamerules in the GameMode definition file
  • GameModes can now force breakable TMs by adding (SingleUseTM|1) to the Gamerules in the GameMode definition file
  • GameModes can now allow HMs to be forgotten by adding (CanForgetHM|1) to the Gamerules in the GameMode definition file
  • GameModes can now have Overworld poison by adding (OverworldPoison|[0,1, or 2]) to the Gamerules in the GameMode definition file
    • 0 - No Poison Damage (our default)
    • 1 - Poison clears at 1 HP
    • 2 - Poison causes faints
  • Allow GameModes to customize GameRules for hard modes, currently Hard mode for default GM adds overworld poison - 1
  • TMs no longer break in harder modes for the default GM
  • @player.preventmovement - Makes the player unable to move/swap first and third person, while still keeping control over the menu, interactions, camera rotation etc.
  • @player.allowmovement - Gives the player back their ability to move and swap first/third person camera perspective..
  •,[loop=true]) - added optional loop argument to force song to play only once
  • @environment.setenvironmenttype(int) - int is 0-5 for the different types; out, in, cave, dark, underwater, and forest
  • @player.showbattleanimations(bool) - toggle battle animations setting on or off
  • @player.removemoney(int) - removes the given amount from the player’s money
  • Added unable to switch message to localization
  • Added items names, descriptions and categories, moves to localization
  • Added an additional argument to all commands related to turning the player (e.g. @Player.Turn(AmountOfTurns,ForceThirdPersonRotation), which forces the third person camera to rotate just like the first person camera if set to 1.
  • Setting the Lighting tag to 6 makes everything on the map darker, even without the darkness EnvironmentType
  • Seaplane model added to Route 50
  • Whirlpool animations are now modifiable
  • Turning sign rotation now uses formula (Additional Value/100)* pi instead of needing to account for pi in the additional value, all existing signs now rotate at the same speed
  • Implemented Lum Berry
  • Updated all Music to higher quality versions
  • Debug walking now blocks encounters when toggled on instead of while holding ctrl
  • When using evolution stones Pokémon are now labeled able/unable
  • The Mystery Gift menu is now available from all PCs and the PC in the Player’s room is now the same as all other PCs
  • Destiny Knot Is now available and fully implemented

Move Mechanics

  • Snatch is now dark type
  • Pin Missile is now 95 acc
  • Magnet Bomb never misses
  • Dizzypunch name and description was pound
  • Ice Burn was listed in the AI as a Freezing move
  • Shore up doesn't get worse in other weather only better in sand
  • Sacred Sword should ignore more than just acc
  • Update move categories to Gen 9 (Bullet, Dancing, explosive, slicing, punching, sound, wind, powder) the following are not the same as the originals:
    • Feint and Force Palm are punching moves
    • Leech seed is a Powder move
    • Silver Wind, Aeroblast, Air Slash, Ominous Wind, Leaf Tornado, Glaciate, and razor wind are Wind moves
    • Razor wind is a slicing move
  • Terrains are now +30% instead of +50%
  • Defog removes terrains
  • King's shield is only atk-1
  • Healing Moves are now only 5 PP
  • Gust now has animations
  • Allow Leech Seed to drain even for a full recipient
  • Destiny Bond name glitch
  • Sky Attack now Crits correctly
  • Implemented Disable and Cursed Body
  • Various improvements to custom moves
  • Fix item duplication issues from using Trick
  • Disable now clears between battles and disabled moves can't be chosen
  • Teleport no longer fails if the opponent moves first
  • Defrost effects of various moves is now implemented correctly

Bug Fixes

  • Many improvements to the music system both in the default game and for content packs
  • Lavender Town now correctly appears as night time
  • Camera ends in the correct position after taking the train
  • Made MagnetTrain jingle a Music File (in the Songs folder) instead of a Sound Effect File (in the Sounds folder)
  • Allow for an egg to change only one color
  • Catching animation no longer softlocks
  • Fixed Ceruleandiglett
  • Fixed an issue with insight scripts not checking trainer completion if trainer script has leading white space
  • Crash relating to math logic in trainer files
  • Text wrapping for Daisy and a guy in Four Island’s Pokémart
  • Added text for daycare lady on R34 to direct you to the man for an egg
  • Fixed several instances of [Pokémon|N] v [POKEMON|N] in npc scripting
  • Shinies for static encounters now work correctly
  • Changed several npcs referencing old mechanics
  • Fixed a math logic error in the pc rewards script
  • Oak now requires the proper 240 Pokémon for Johto dex completion
  • A bunch of typos are gone from move descriptions, dex entries, scripts and NPC text as well as in the code and code comments
  • Dark stone actually disappears from dotted hole
  • The player can now Fly from Mt. Moon square
  • Clean up the Farfetch’d script
  • Fixed exp points still being shared between Pokémon even after switching when the player has defeated an opponent
  • No water in Diglett's Cave battles
  • Fix sprites for Gastrodon and Shellos
  • Updated shaders for the times of day
  • Fixed item duplication caused by the Knock Off move
  • Fixed bag icons in font
  • Set default catch location and method
  • Fixed scripting using the wrong daytime when resetting to normal
  • If the player is transparent when starting a script, their transparency is reset to normal first
  • Improved texture scaling on hatch, evolve teach move screens
  • Improvements to models when used in battle
  • Make Segis’s Pokémon in Kolben Tower have normal HP
  • Lighting type 1 properly disables lighting
  • Fixed pokégear phone contacts overlapping text
  • Choose box can now be bigger when needed
  • Controller triggers can now be used to zoom the camera in/out
  • Fixed crashes on R42 if Burned Tower event is incomplete
  • Improved the flash overlay texture
  • Dark Cave battle map is better
  • Warp from R26-R27 is better aligned
  • Fixed a crash related to evolving a Pokémon with a Hidden Ability
  • During weather that reduces render distance, the fog now has the correct color now based on time of day and EnvironmentType
  • During Blizzard & Thunderstorm weather types, the clouds are now partially transparent to blend in better with the thick fog
  • Change mention of bike shop to ride shop
  • Make money multiplier events affect payday
  • Allow fly in the exterior of Millennial Star Tower
  • Remove weather locks on several Sevii Island Maps
  • Updated signs on R30/31
  • Fixed Protean typings
  • Prevent invisible floors from conflicting across multiple offset maps
  • Fix Celadon Rooftop
  • Cresselia has Gen 9 Stats
  • Fixed Kolben Tower Computers not having a default event for the scripts
  • Radio Tower desks now have correct collision
  • Fix 2 missing blocks for the indigo plateau exterior
  • Fix healing machine camera
  • Teleport and Escape rope now end surf
  • Bug Catching contest no longer has you walk through an NPC
  • Pokégear is now disabled in Bug catching contest
  • Chat screen should no longer softlock battles
  • Rollout and Iceball now work correctly
  • PvP no longer has animations or attempts to use switch mode
  • Fixed several bugs with using items not depleting item owned
  • Fixed region based evolutions overwriting all other conditions
  • Mt Moon moon stone event is now repeatable
  • Fixed Alolan Raichu’s type
  • Fixed Wrong music keyword used during champ battles causing a crash
  • Fixed various crashes related to shiny Pokémon on the map
  • Player switching will now not lock up the game, AI switching is disabled for similar reasons

Minor Update News (Indev 0.59.1):

New Content

Alolan Pokemon - All 18 Alolan form pokemon are available in the Sevii Islands, any of the relevant pokemon that appear in the wild will be their alolan variant, several trainers had some or all of their Pokemon changed to be an Alolan Form (Including Lorelei with Alolan Ninetales and Agatha with Alolan Marowak), evolving Pikachu, Exeggcute and Cubone will result in their regional form, and Breeding at the Daycare in Four Island will result in relevant alolan forms. These features are not specific to alolan forms and can be used to implement other regional forms in the future.

Smaller Changes

  • New Command - @Pokemon.Hatch(PartyID, [CanRename], [Message])
  • Added Leer, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Vine Whip, Poison Sting and Scratch move animations
  • Updated spin animations for NPC warping/changing costumes in cutscenes

Bug Fixes

  • The Cutiefly and Rolycoly lines will no longer be replaced with Caterpie when encountered.
  • Fixed roaming pokemon always being Caterpie.
  • Fixed trading.
  • Fixed issues with mouse controls in battles.
  • Fixed various button positions, font sizes, and other scaling issues in the menus specifically the PokeGear, the chat, and the pokemon icons.
  • Fixed various issues with the lighting system.
  • Fixed odd logic for applying changes to the audio options.
  • Fixed waterfall climb issue.
  • Fixed mixed speed music.
  • Fixed inconsistent speed on stairs.
  • Fixed animations for Ember, Poison and stat changes.
  • Fixed player orientation in Mewtwo cutscene.
  • Fixed extra bump sound playing when using the ladder in Burned Tower.
  • Fixed the appearance of the ladders in Mt. Ember.
  • Fixed Mahogany shop lady script blocks.
  • Removed second Mewtwo battle.
  • Fixed Suicune always being shiny.
  • Fixed rock in Icefall Cave battle map.
  • Fixed crash on maps with animated blocks (Celadon City and Diamond Dive)

Major Update News (Indev 0.59):

New Story Content

  • Diamond Dive - New massive dungeon with 3 major sections, plenty of puzzles and 11 new pokemon obtainable nowhere else including a new legendary pokemon waiting for you at the end!
  • Route 49 and 50 - Connects Cherrygrove City to the seaplane port(Soon…) and Diamond Dive!
  • Route 23 - Completely new design for the old badge check route from RBGY
  • New badge check gates
  • Routes 22, 26-28, and Mt. Silver exterior updated to HGSS layouts (NOTE THIS CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS IN SAVES ON THOSE LOCATIONS!! SAVE ELSEWHERE OR USE FLY)
  • Most scripted pokemon encounter have updated shiny rates tied to the MasterShinyRate
  • All Legendaries and Lapras will roll for shininess when first entering the map first appear in the overworld and their overworld sprites will reflect the result from then on (NOTE: Suicune, Entei and Raikou will have their shininess determined when they wake up in Burned Tower, Mewtwo will have its shininess determined when clearing Team Rocket, and Mew will been shiny in the Vermilion City truck cutscene). The following are shiny locked: Scripted Unown encounters in Ruins of Alph, uncatchable Scizor in Twirl Forest.
  • GameJolt login rewards - Each day that you login to GameJolt and load your save you will receive a reward. You do not need to maintain a “streak”, each day you login will advance the rewards one more day no matter how far back your last login was. The rewards are on a 30 day cycle with a special item making its return as the day 30 reward!

New Engine Features

  • New battle animation system, new animations for the following:
  • Tackle, Pound, Growl, Ember, Poison Sting, Absorb, Wrap, Bind, Whirlpool, Attract & Clamp
  • Status effect animations
  • Multiturn move animations
  • Pokemon switching, fainting and Mega Evolution animations
  • Switch mode in battles is now active
  • Options menu on Main menu
  • Content Pack support in the menus is re-enabled
  • Language selection support in the menus re-enabled
  • Pokemon, NPC and Player textures now support 2 frames (1 - 2 - 1 - 2), 3 frames (1 - 2 - 1 - 3) or 4 frames (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) for their movement animation
  • Centralized the shiny rate to be tied in one place to account for Shiny Charm and Shiny boost events, now impacts daycare rates and as well as normal wild pokemon rates, Legendaries are no longer shiny locked by the engine
  • The engine now supports .mp3 and .wma files for music
  • Running shoes are now a toggle triggered by shift instead of needing to hold shift
  • IntroType parameter now accepted for GameModes, 0 activates the old Intro, 1 the new
  • Walkthrough walls in sandbox/debug mode is now a toggle triggered by ctrl instead of needing to hold ctrl

New script commands and constructs, mapping and content pack features

  • @text.notification(text,[int_delay=500],[int_backgroundID=0],[int_IconID=0],[str_sfx],[str_script],[bool_priority=0])
    • displays a box in the top right of the screen with the given text, it lasts the given delay in 1/100s of a second, looks and sfx can be determined in the script, a script can be attached and either the script is activated with Q, or a script-less notification is closed with Q, the “priority” flag makes it take precedence over all other notif for cutscenes.
  • <player.isgamejolt([bool])>
    • Checks if save is a Gamejolt save and, optionally, if they are banned
  • <pokemon.mastershinyrate([bool])>
    • Returns the system’s shiny rate bool determines if it accounts for shiny charm and shiny boosting events, default true
  • @screen.showimage(str_texture,[str_sfxname],[int_x],[int_y],[int_w],[int_h])
    • Displays the given texture in the display box, like when a pokemon is renamed, the optional int arguments can define the start position and size of the texture if not taking the whole image file
  • @screen.showmessagebox(str_text|[intArr_rgb1]|[intArr_rgb2]|[intArr_rgb3])
    • Displays a large message box in the center of the screen with the given text. Uses RGB color for box background, font color, and box border respectively, example 0,0,0 is white
  • <system.button(str_buttonname)>
    • Returns the system name of the button bound to that control
  • <system.token(str_tokenname)>
    • Returns the requested token from the correct language files (not yet used but usage coming in future versions)
  • <level.environmenttype>
    • Returns the environment type of the current map
  • <entity.rotation(ID)>
    • Returns the integer rotation of the entity with the given ID
  • @environment.setseason(int)
    • Sets the season based on the given int, 0-3 starting with Winter, -1 resets to default.
  • @player.setskin(name)
    • Permanently replaces the players skin with the given skin (vs @player.wearskin() which is not permanent)
  • Updated <daycare.canbreed(daycareID,[bool]>
    • New optional Bool for if it should use multipliers for the rates or just return base rates, default true.
  • Updated <,[sing/plur])>
    • New optional argument, accepts “s”, “singular”, “p”, or “plural” and if the last 2 returns the plural form of the item name.
  • 3 new entity models;
    • OutsideStepModel: ID = 19, for outside corners with ledges.
    • WallModel: ID = 20, a single vertical face of a standard wall block.
    • CeilingModel: ID = 21, sits at the bottom of a normal entity space, points down.
  • Updated several duplicate commands:
    • @pokemon.hide -> @overworldpokemon.hide
    • @player.hidepokemonfollow -> @overworldpokemon.hide
    • @player.showpokemonfollow ->
    • @player.togglepokemonfollow -> @overworldpokemon.toggle
  • Commands that change the environment will now stick through reloading the map with ‘R’ in debug mode
  • Content packs can now control several interface colors by modifying Content\GUI\Menus\InterfaceColors.png

Other significant changes

  • Replaced skyboxes with new assets and changed darkness levels
  • Added phone number register, elevator arrival, PokeBallbreak and HM received sfx
  • New Game always asks for you to select a GameMode even if there is only one to advertise the system.
  • Changed Overworld camera rotation speed slightly
  • Changed how dialogue menus scale to the text options. ( command)
  • Turned on the “MaxStacks” engine argument to be usable
  • Returned an old item that was removed, max of 1
  • Move 749 Tar Shot and Ability 243 Steam Engine Implemented
  • Items 653 Black Augurite and 654 Peat Block added but currently without effect.
  • Changed pokemon sprite system to accept other animation patterns and changed existing pokemon sprites to 2 frame by default
  • @pokemon.newroaming now has an optional bool for if the pokemon is shiny
  • New songs added for Mom and PVP_Intro
  • Slight redesign of PSS menuing and other minor PokeGear improvements
  • Genderless option for gamejolt saves
  • Sandbox mode always has access to the Pokégear.
  • The player's current skin is now shown on the world map at their current location. The position can be defined directly as a tag in the world map file or as the last instance of the location in the world map file
  • Structures can now be nested.
  • Content Packs can now scale textures by sng values and not just integers.
  • Centralized the wild encounter rate to allow for easier modification of rates in the code.
  • Redistributed the season specific weather odds
  • Rival rename screen can now use custom skins
  • Local map path is now included on debug (F3) display.
  • JappaWakka has joined the 4th floor of Kolben Tower.
  • Added player icon to indicate current location on the world map.
  • Replaced several of the unique models with new voxel models;
    • Snorlax
    • SS Aqua
    • Ferry
    • Truck
    • Kolben Tower

Bug Fixes and small adjustments

  • Changed Gate sign text to not be purposefully messy
  • Slight change to apricorn tree design
  • Minor adjustments to outdoor textures, specifically berry dirt
  • Minor adjustments to textures in the player’s house, including bed and kitchen and removing hidden faces
  • Minor adjustments to New Bark Town
  • Minor adjustments to Olivine Cafe
  • Minor adjustments to Violet Gym
  • Minor adjustments to Pewter Museum
  • Minor adjustments to the Johto and Kanto world maps to add the new areas and improve a few minor positionings.
  • Adjustments to many sfx and their names
  • Replaced the StarTower song with a different remix of the same piece
  • Default offset map quality is now 100
  • Improved the customization for GameMode Player Skin selection
  • Fixed issue with Content pack exceptions.dat not pulling replacement textures from files other than the one it is from and other exceptions.dat limitations
  • Fixed content packs not being able to use new music intros
  • Fixed structures not being able to be nested in other structures
  • Fixed constructs in the results of resolved constructs not being resolved
  • Fixed following pokemon using location based reactions in the wrong locations.
  • Fixed extraneous music gaps during battles
  • Fixed Camera not returning to old placement after interacting with following pokemon
  • Fixed teleport crash
  • Fixed bug shiny locking the @pokemon.add and @pokemon.addtostorage commands
  • Fixed trainer's pokemon having a shiny check, can only appear shiny if defined as such in the trainer file.
  • Fixed glitchy behavior of splash screens before loading the game
  • Fixed issue making the intro cutscene play incorrectly for people with their Decimal Separator as anything other than .
  • Fixed Turkish and Russian Font crashes
  • Fixed game crashing when loading a GameMode without Moves folder
  • Fixed typo in smash rock list [ “)” vs “}” ]
  • Fixed Rare Candy being usable in battle
  • Fixed movement on water in debug mode
  • Fixed movement down rock climb in debug mode
  • Fixed scaling issue for Gym Badges.
  • Fixed Model IDs 5 and 6 not being visible on the minimap
  • Fixed issues with the Main Menu scaling at lower resolutions
  • Fixed PokeBall toss animation

To see version history earlier than Indev 0.59, please consult this wiki's Version History page.

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