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Azalea Gym Map

The Azalea Gym is the official Gym of Azalea Town. It is based on Bug-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Bugsy.

Trainers who defeat him receive the Hive Badge.


The Azalea Gym is a giant forest maze. Trainers such as Twins and Bug Catchers hide around every corner, ready to spring upon Trainers.

Bugsy is located in the middle of the maze, where he can be challenged to earn the Hive Badge. After he's defeated, he will give the player the Hive Badge, TM 49 (Fury Cutter), and the ability to use Cut and Headbutt outside of battle.


Image Name Description Location
TMBug.png TM 49 Teaches "Fury Cutter" to a Pokémon. Given to the player after defeating Bugsy.


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward Item
A Twins Amy and May Twins.png 165 Ledyba Lv.10
167 Spinarak Lv.10
Pokémon Dollar200
B Bug Catcher Al Bug Catcher.png 010 Caterpie Lv.12
013 Weedle Lv.12
Pokémon Dollar192
C Bug Catcher Benny Bug Catcher.png 013 Weedle Lv.7
014 Kakuna Lv.9
015 Beedrill Lv.12
Pokémon Dollar192
D Bug Catcher Josh Bug Catcher.png 046 Paras Lv.13 Pokémon Dollar208
E Bugsy Gym Leader Bugsy.png 011 Metapod Lv.15
014 Kakuna Lv.15
123 Scyther Lv.17
Pokémon Dollar1600 3 Super Potion

Version history

Version Changes
0.21 Implemented
0.22.1 Fixed Twins crash

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