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Fury Cutter (Japanese: れんぞくぎり Consecutive Cut) is a damage-dealing Bug-type move. It is TM 49


Fury Cutter starts out with a low base power of 20. Every time Fury Cutter is used successfully, its power will double. If Fury Cutter misses, the user is switched out or another move is selected, the power will reset to normal. After this attack has been used 5 times, the power will no longer increase, meaning Fury Cutter can reach a maximum base power of 160

Information Tab

ID Name Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
210 Fury Cutter Type Bug.png PhysicalMove.png The target is slashed with scythes or claws. Its power increases if it hits in succession. 20 95% 20 (max 32)

Version History

Version Changes
0.21 Implemented.