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Vermilion City Gym Map

The Vermilion Gym is the official Gym of Vermilion City. It is based on Electric-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Lt. Surge. Trainers who defeat him receive the Thunder Badge.


To access the Gym either Surf or Cut is required to reach the Gym Entrance.

The main room contains 15 trash cans in three rows and five columns, and Trainers are scattered about this room. Another room lies behind the main room, guarded by an electric fence. The only way to get in the final room, where Lt. Surge is located, is to find two hidden switches inside the trash cans. The second switch is always next to (orthogonally adjacent to) the first switch. If the first switch is found, but the player incorrectly guesses the second one, the traps reset. After Lt. Surge is defeated, he will give the player the Thunder Badge and the Technical Machine for TM 70 (Thunderbolt).


Image Name Description Location
TMElectric.png TM 70 Teaches "Thunderbolt" to a Pokémon Given by Lt. Surge when you beat him


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward Items
A Juggler Horton Juggler.png 101 Electrode Lv.43
101 Electrode Lv.43
101 Electrode Lv.43
101 Electrode Lv.43
Pokémon Dollar1376
B Guitarist Vincent Guitarist.png 135 Jolteon Lv.45
101 Electrode Lv.43
081 Magnemite Lv.42
Pokémon Dollar1008
C Gentleman Gregory Gentleman.png 025 Pikachu Lv.46
180 Flaaffy Lv.43
Pokémon Dollar8400
D Lt. Surge Gym Leader Lt. Surge.png 026 Raichu Lv.51
101 Electrode Lv.47
101 Electrode Lv.47
082 Magneton Lv.47
125 Electabuzz Lv.53
Pokémon Dollar6,360 3 Full Restores

Version history

Version Changes
0.43 Implemented

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