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The Player is the main protagonist of the game. He/She will embark on a Pokémon journey. The player is controlled by whoever is playing the game. The player's name is up to whoever is playing the game.


Offline Mode

When starting , the Player has a choice of several skins.

As of version 0.55.2 the skins are; Ethan, Lyra, Nate, Rosa, Hilbert and Hilda.

Before this point, players could choose to be Red or Green. (This can still be done by changing "skin|x" to "skin|Red" or "skin|Green" in the Player.dat)

Online Mode

Starting with the implementation of online mode in version 0.32 the player's sprite was locked to a specific sprite depending on their Player Rank. The following ranks exist in the game as of version 0.33:

Rank Name Level(pts) Male Sprite Female Sprite
Preschooler 1() - 5() Preschooler player M.png Preschooler player F.png
School Kid 5() - 10() School Kid player M.png School Kid player F.png
Youngster - Lass 10() - 15() Youngster player M.png Lass player F.png
Waiter - Waitress 15() - 20() Waiter player M.png Waitress player F.png
Backpacker 20() - 25() Backpacker player M.png Backpacker player F.png
Pokefan 25() - 30() Pokefan player M.png Pokefan player F.png
Butler - Maid 30() - 35() Butler player M.png Maid player F.png
Cheerleader 35() - 40() Cheerleader player M.png Cheerleader player F.png
Clerk 40() - 45() Clerk player M.png Clerk player F.png
Pokemon Breeder 45() - 50() Pokemon Breeder player M.png Pokemon Breeder player F.png
Drummer - Guitarist 50() - 55() Drummer player M.png Guitarist player F.png
Cyclist 55() - 60() Cyclist player M.png Cyclist player F.png
Rich Boy - Lady 60() - 65() Rich Boy player M.png Lady player F.png
Ranger 65() - 70() Ranger player M.png Ranger player F.png
Athlete 70() - 75() Athlete player M.png Athlete player F.png
Scientist 75() - 80() Scientist player M.png Scientist player F.png
Doctor - Nurse 80() - 85() Doctor player M.png Nurse player F.png
Gentleman - Socialite 85() - 90() Gentleman player M.png Socialite player F.png
Ace Trainer 90() - 95() Ace Trainer player M.png Ace Trainer player F.png
Veteran 95() - 100() Veteran player M.png Veteran player F.png

Since version 0.45.1 players can upload sprites they want here, uploaded sprite will appear in game and other people see that person with sprite he uploaded.


  • Before the 0.__ patch, Lyra, Nate, and Rosa were unavailable.
  • Before the 0.18 patch, Lass, Bugcatcher and Youngster skin were available choices and before 0.18 Youngster was known as "14".
  • Before the 0.18 patch, there were skins for Red and Blue.
  • As of the 0.45.1 update, players can choose what sprites they want to appear as. (Online mode only)



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