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Cinnabar Island Gym Map

The Cinnabar Gym is the official Gym of Cinnabar Island. It is based on Fire-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Blaine. Trainers who defeat him receive the Volcano Badge.


Blaine's original Gym on Cinnabar Island was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. This forced him to relocate to the Seafoam Islands. The floor design is that of a small flame. The only way to get to Blaine is to talk and battle other Trainers so that they could move to a new position, opening a new path. After Blaine is defeated, he will give the player the Volcano Badge and the Technical Machine for TM 408 (Overheat).


Image Name Description Location
TMFire.png TM 108 Teaches "Overheat" to a Pokémon Given by Blaine when you beat him


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward Items
A Scientist Lowell Scientist.png 059 Arcanine Lv.54 Pokémon Dollar1600
B Scientist Daniel Scientist.png 038 Ninetales Lv.54 Pokémon Dollar1600
C Super Nerd Cary Super Nerd.png 324 Torkoal Lv.55 Pokémon Dollar2544
D Scientist Linden Scientist.png 126 Magmar Lv.54 Pokémon Dollar1224
E Super Nerd Waldo Super Nerd.png 322 Numel Lv.55 Pokémon Dollar2544
F Scientist Merle Scientist.png 219 Magcargo Lv.55 Pokémon Dollar2544
G Blaine Gym Leader Blaine.png 219 Magcargo Lv.56
126 Magmar Lv.56
078 Rapidash Lv.61
Pokémon Dollar7,080 3 Full Restores

Version history

Version Changes
0.53 Implemented

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