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Underground Path Map

The Underground Path connects the north western and south western parts of Goldenrod City.


The Underground consists of the underground passage itself along with 2 buildings a either end of the path and a hidden passage behind a faux wall. If you come here after the incident by the radio tower your rival will challenge you.


Image Name Location
48x Coin Case South of the three shops
48x Parlyz Heal Space between top two shops (hidden)
48x Super Potion Middle of the floor between bottom two shops (hidden)
48x Antidote Near basement door (hidden)


There are no Pokémon in this area


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward
EVENT Rival Silver Rival.png 093MS.png Haunter Lv.30

042MS.png Golbat Lv.29
214MS.png Heracross Lv.32
215MS.png Sneasel Lv.35

Pokémon Dollar10000
A Pokemaniac Donald Pokemaniac.png 079MS.png Slowpoke Lv.28

281MS.png Kirlia Lv.30

Pokémon Dollar 600
B Super Nerd Teru Super Nerd.png 081MS.png Magnemite Lv.26

101MS.png Eelectrode Lv.30
082MS.png Magneton Lv.28
125MS.png Electabuzz Lv.29

Pokémon Dollar 288
C Pokemaniac Isaac Pokemaniac.png 108MS.png Lickitung Lv.31 Pokémon Dollar 720
D Super Nerd Eric Super Nerd.png 088MS.png Grimer Lv.29

024MS.png Arbok Lv.29

Pokémon Dollar 352


There are 10 people in the underground passage

  • One person in each building at the ends of the passage
  • Four trainers within the passage
  • Four shop clerks(shops not implemented)


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