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Violet City Map

Is a city located in central Johto that can be accessed from Route 31 to the east, Route 36 to the northwest, or Route 32 to the south.

It is the third city encountered in Johto by the player.

Pokedex Trainers often come to Violet City in order to win the Zephyr Badge from Falkner, the Violet Gym Leader, who specializes in Flying-type Pokedex.

Points of Interest

Sprout Tower

The large tower in the northern part of the town is a tall and wobbling pagoda, run by Buddhist monks who train Pokedex, all the while teaching people that all living beings coexist through cooperation.

These monks mostly train Bellsprout, although occasionally use Murkrow.

Many people believe that a hundred-foot Bellsprout was used to make the central pillar.

Violet Gym

The Violet Gym is the official Gym of Violet City. It is based on Flying-type Pokemon and the Gym Leader is Falkner.

The Gym structure is very basic. The path is held on a raised platform, with a large drop to either side of the path. The path creates an "S" shape as it winds around toward the Gym Leader. At the tips of the "S" there are two trainers that are both unavoidable.

After Falkner is defeated, he will give the player the Zephyr Badge and the ability to use the move Flash outside of battle.

Earl's Pokémon Academy

Located in the center of the town is Earl's Pokémon School, where prospective Trainers learn how to raise Pokémon. On the blackboard are descriptions of the various status ailments which can affect Pokémon.

It is run by Earl Dervish, who, at first is located next to the Pokémon Gym, but will show the player where the Pokémon School is located.


Violet City has a known population of 33 (including people in the Gate, Sprout Tower, and employees).


Image Name Location
Repel.png Repel Behind Sprout Tower
48x Yellow Apricorn South of the Pokémon Gym in a grassy clearing.


There are no Pokedex in this area.


See the Sprout Tower and Violet Gym pages


Name Description Price
Potion.png Potion Restores Pokémon HP by 20. Pokémon Dollar300
Antidote.png Antidote Cures poisoned Pokémon. Pokémon Dollar100
Awakening.png Awakening Cures asleep Pokémon. Pokémon Dollar250
ParlyzHeal.png Parlyz Heal Heals paralyzed Pokémon. Pokémon Dollar200
PokeBall.png Poké Ball An item for catching Pokémon. Pokémon Dollar200


Version History

Version Changes
0.02 Implemented.
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