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Here is a list of all places from the Johto region that are in the game.



Name Image Location

Route 29

Route29Snow.png In south-eastern Johto.

Route 30

Route30 018.png In south-eastern Johto.

Route 31

Route31.png In central Johto.

Route 32

Route32 2.png In central Johto.

Route 33

Route33.png In southern Johto.

Route 34

Route 34.png In southern Johto.

Route 35

Route 35.png In central Johto.

Route 36

Route36sudowoodo.png In central Johto.

Route 37

Route37 0.18 1.png In central Johto.

Route 38

Route 38.png In north-western Johto.

Route 39

Route 39.png In north-western Johto.

Route 40

Route 40.png In south-western Johto.

Route 41

Route 41.png In south-western Johto.

Route 42

Route 42.png In central Johto.

Route 43

Route 43.png In north-eastern Johto.

Route 46

Route46.png In south-eastern Johto.

Route 49

File:Route 49.png SilversSoul_Route 49

Route 50

File:Route 50.png In southern Johto.

Cities / Towns

Name Image Location

New Bark Town

NewBarkTownOverview.png In south-eastern Johto.

Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove.png In south-eastern Johto.

Violet City

Violet.png In central Johto.

Azalea Town

Azalea.png In southern Johto.

Goldenrod City

Goldenrod scenery.png In southern Johto.

Ecruteak City

Ecruteak City.png In north-western Johto.

Olivine City

Olivine City.png In north-western Johto.

Cainwood City

Cianwood City.png In south-western Johto.

Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town.png In north-eastern Johto.


Name Image Location

Dark Cave

Dark Cave.png In north-eastern Johto.

Sprout Tower

Sprout Tower.png In central Johto.

Ruins of Alph

Ruins of Alph.png In central Johto.

Union Cave

Union Cave.png In southern Johto.

Slowpoke Well

Slowpoke Well Exterior.png In southern Johto.

Ilex Forest

Ilex Forest's Pond.png In southern Johto.

National Park

National Park.png In central Johto.

Burned Tower

Burned Tower.png In north-western Johto.

Shining Lighthouse

Shining Lighthouse.png In north-western Johto.

Mt. Mortar

Mt. Mortar.png In central Johto.

Lake of Rage

Lake of Rage.png In north-eastern Johto.

List of Places.

Cities and Towns
Lavender Town

New Bark Town | Cherrygrove City | Violet City | Azalea Town | Goldenrod City | Ecruteak City | Olivine City | Cianwood City
Route 29 | Route 30 | Route 31 | Route 32 | Route 33 | Route 34 | Route 35 | Route 36 | Route 37 | Route 38 | Route 39 | Route 40 | Route 41 | Route 46 | Route 49 | Route 50
Dark Cave | Sprout Tower | Ruins of Alph | Union Cave | Slowpoke Well | Ilex Forest | National Park | Burned Tower | Shining Lighthouse