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New Bark Town Map

Is a small town with four houses located in the south east of the Johto region. It's connected to Route 29.

The player starts their adventure here.

Points of interest

Prof. Elm's lab

Prof. Elm's lab is the largest house in the New Bark Town.

The player gets their first Pokémon here and Silver steals another one. Silver's name is also revealed here.

Player's House

This is the starting point of the adventure.

This house contains two floors, the player's room and the living room.

There is a Wii in the room of the player. The player may also start a Co-Op session from the PC in his/her room.


New Bark Town has a population of 9 including the player.


Image Name Location
Potion.png Potion x15 Given to the player by Professor Elm's Aide once the player gets his/her Starter Pokémon.
PokeBall.png Poké Ball x10 Given to the player by Professor Elm's Aide after the player delivers the Mystery Egg.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate Morning Rate Day Rate Evening Rate Night
374Beldum Starter Pokémon 5 One One One One

For a list for all locations see: Pokémon Locations

Trainer's Tips

  • Silver kicks you away if you talk to him meanwhile he is watching the lab through the wall.


Version History

Version Changes
0.02 Implemented.
List of Places.

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