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Number: #095

Type: ElectricType.pngSteelType.png
Evolution: Magneton
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Magnemite is a Electric and Steel type Pokemon.

Magnemite is a seemingly robotic life form that has a gray, circular metal body with a horseshoe magnet on its left and right sides, and a single big eye. It has three Phillips head screws on its body; two are near the bottom of its body, and the other is on top of its head and looks similar to an antenna. The two bottom screws serve no noticeable purpose, although they may be its feet as the Pokédex identifies a footprint similar to that of the screw's "head". Even though Magnemite and its evolved forms are mechanical creatures, they still have emotions, the need to eat, and a way of reproducing. Magnemite might also be related to Beldum and Bronzor because all of them are partially Steel-type that create electromagnetic waves to float in the air.

Magnemite evolves into Magneton at level 27.

Pokédex Entry

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the units at the sides of its head expel antigravity, which allows it to float.

Type Height Weight
Magnet Pokémon 0.3m 6.0kg



Locations Method
Dark Cave Cave Floor


Location Level Trainer
Under Ground LVL 26 Super Nerd.png Super Nerd Teru


Lv. Move Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
1 Tackle Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png A full-body charge attack. 35 100% 35 (max 56)
4 Supersonic Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Sound waves that cause confusion. - 55% 20 (max 32)
7 Thunder Shock Type Electric.png SpecialMove.png An attack that may cause paralysis. 40 100% 30 (max 48)
11 SonicBoom Type Normal.png SpecialMove.png Always inflicts 20HP damage. 20 HP 90% 20 (max 32)
15 Thunder Wave Type Electric.png OtherMove.png A move that may cause paralysis. - 100% 20 (max 32)
18 Magnet Bomb Type Electric.png PhysicalMove.png The user launches steel bombs that stick to the target. This attack will not miss. 60 -% 20 (max 32)
21 Spark Type Electric.png SpecialMove.png The user throws an electrically charged tackle at the target. It may also leave the target with paralysis. 65 100% 20 (max 32)
25 Mirror Shot Type Steel.png SpecialMove.png The user looses a flash of energy at the target from its polished body. It may also lower the target's accuracy. 65 85% 10 (max 16)
29 Metal Sound Type Steel.png OtherMove.png A horrible sound like scraping metal harshly reduces the target's Sp. Def stat. - 85% 40 (max 64)
32 Electro Ball Type Electric.png SpecialMove.png The user hurls an electric orb at the target. The faster the user is than the target, the greater the damage. Varies 100% 10 (max 16)
35 Flash Cannon Type Steel.png SpecialMove.png The user gathers all its light energy and releases it at once. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat. 80 100% 10 (max 16)
39 Screech Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Emits a screech to sharply reduce the foe’s Defense. - 85% 40 (max 64)
43 Discharge Type Electric.png SpecialMove.png A flare of electricity is loosed to strike all Pokémon in battle. It may also cause paralysis. 80 100% 15 (max 24)
46 Lock-On Type Normal.png OtherMove.png The user takes sure aim at the foe. It ensures the next attack does not fail to hit the target. - -% 5 (max 8)
49 Magnet Rise Type Electric.png OtherMove.png The user levitates using electrically generated magnetism for five turns. - -% 10 (max 16)
53 Gyro Ball Type Steel.png PhysicalMove.png The user tackles the foe with a high-speed spin. The slower the user, the greater the damage. Varies 100% 5 (max 8)
57 Zap Cannon Type Electric.png SpecialMove.png The user fires an electric blast like a cannon to inflict damage and cause paralysis. 120 50% 5 (max 8)