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A group of 7 sibling who can be found scattered across Johto on each day of the week.

The Siblings


The Eldest Sibling. She appears on Route 40 on Mondays. She will give trainers a Sharp Beak.


She appears on Route 29 on Tuesdays. She will give trainers a Silk Scarf.


He appears in the Lake of Rage on Wednesdays. He will give trainers a Black Belt.


He appears on Route 36 on Thursdays. He will give trainers a Hard Stone.


She appears on Route 32 on Fridays. She will give trainers a Poison Barb.


He appears in Blackthorn City on Saturdays. He will give trainers a Spell Tag.


The Youngest Sibling. He appears on Route 37 on Sundays. He will give trainers a Magnet.

Sibling's House

The Week Sibling's house can be found on Route 26 by doubling back partway up the route behind the rows of trees. Inside is a note from Monica to her siblings encouraging them to give trainers something useful and then listing where the siblings will appear and when.


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