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Eusine is a Suicune fanatic and a good friend of Morty.

Suicune Chase

The player mostly encounters Eusine while he is chasing Suicune.

They first meet in the Burned Tower where he is trying to find a way into the basement where Suicune and its brethren are rumored to rest.

The player will fall through the floor above and awaken the Legendary Pokemon just before Eusine manages to carve a hole to lower a ladder into the basement. he will barely even see them before they flee.

He is next seen at Cianwood City after the player scares Suicune into fleeing back across the sea. He will then demand to battle the player as a way to earn Suicune's respect.

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Hypno Haunter Electrode - - -
Lv 25 Lv 25 Lv 27 - - -

He is not seen again until the player arrives in Kanto at Vermilion City and is approached by Suicune. He will approach the player as Suicune flees commenting about how Suicune likes water.

He is next seen on Route 14 where he complains about yet again being just slightly later than you. He mentions that he has figured out that Suicune prefers hilly places near water, and that North is better before leaving.

Finally he arrives just before you challenge Suicune on Route 25 where he admits defeat and encourages you to battle it as the more worthy trainer.

Battle Bar

After all of the Gym Leaders have been invited to the Battle Bar you can talk with Morty to invite Eusine to come. He will come on random days from 22:00 to 01:00, when Morty is there.

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Electrode Alakazam Forretress Hypno Gengar Jumpluff
LVL 65 LVL 67 LVL 63 LVL 64 LVL 64 LVL 63