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Number: #043

Type: BugType.pngGrassType.png
Evolution: Leavanny
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Swaddloon is a Bug/Grass type Pokemon.

Swadloon is a round, yellow Pokémon inside of a cocoon of leaves, which it drapes around itself and is able to see through a crescent slit in the leaves. Under its "blanket" are darker green limp leaves which trail under its body. The top of the cocoon has two crests connected joined together at the bottom to form a "v" shape and appear to be the Pokémon's antennae. On its back are the veins of the leaf as well as its stumpy tail. Swadloon is almost always seen wearing a glum or bored expression, with a small frown and its eyes looking vaguely grumpy.

Swadloon evolves from Sewaddle starting at level 20 and evolves into Leavanny starting at level 30.

Pokédex Entry

Preferring dark, damp places, it spends the entire day eating fallen leaves that lie around it.

Type Height Weight
Leaf-Wrapped Pokémon 0.5m 7.3kg



Locations Method
- Evolves from Sewaddle
Route 35 Grass
Route 36 Grass
Ilex Forest Forest Floor
National Park Grass


Location Level Trainer
Azalea Gym LVL 21 Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Al
Azalea Gym LVL 21 Bug Catcher.png Bug Catcher Josh
Azalea Gym LVL 22 Bugsy.png Gym Leader Bugsy


Lv. Move Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
- Grasswhistle Type Grass.png OtherMove.png The user plays a pleasant melody that lulls the target into a deep sleep. - 55% 15 (max 24)
- Tackle Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png A full-body charge attack. 35 100% 35 (max 56)
- String Shot Type Bug.png OtherMove.png A move that lowers the foe's Speed. - 95% 40 (max 64)
- Bug Bite Type Bug.png PhysicalMove.png The user bites the foe. If the foe is holding a Berry, the user eats it and gains its effect. 60 100% 20 (max 32)
- Razor Leaf Type Grass.png PhysicalMove.png Cuts the enemy with leaves. High Critical-hit ratio. 55 95% 25 (max 40)
20 Protect Type Normal.png OtherMove.png It enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession. - -% 10 (max 16)