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Number: #125

Type: FireType.pngNoneType.png
Evolution: Magmar
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Magby is a Fire type Pokemon.

Magby has a red body, with a yellow, flame-shaped marking on its stomach, a single spike on its back and stubby arms, and a short red tail. Magby's head is covered with large lumps that resemble hair. Like its evolutions, Magby has a black, metal shackle on its neck.

Magby evolves into Magmar starting at level 25.

Pokédex Entry

It's small, but its body temperature is over 1,100 degrees F. Embers escape its mouth and nose when it breathes.

Type Height Weight
Live Coal Pokémon 0.7m 21.4kg



Locations Method
Union Cave Cave Floor


Lv. Move Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
1 Smog Type Poison.png SpecialMove.png An attack that may poison the foe. 20 70% 20 (max 32)
1 Leer Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Reduces the foe's Defense. - 100% 30 (max 48)
5 Ember Type Fire.png SpecialMove.png An attack that may inflict a burn. 40 100% 25 (max 40)
8 Smoke Screen Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Lowers the foe's Accuracy. - 100% 20 (max 32)
12 Faint Attack Type Dark.png PhysicalMove.png Draws the foe close, then strikes without fail. 60 -% 20 (max 32)
15 Fire Spin Type Fire.png SpecialMove.png The target becomes trapped within a fierce vortex of fire that rages for four to five turns. 35 85% 15 (max 24)
19 Clear Smog Type Poison.png OtherMove.png The user attacks by throwing a clump of special mud. All status changes are returned to normal. 50 -% 15 (max 24)
22 Flame Burst Type Fire.png SpecialMove.png The user attacks the target with a bursting flame. The bursting flame damages Pokémon next to the target as well. 70 100% 15 (max 24)
26 Confuse Ray Type Ghost.png OtherMove.png The target is exposed to a sinister ray that triggers confusion. - 100% 10 (max 16)
29 Fire Punch Type Fire.png PhysicalMove.png A fiery punch. May cause a burn. 75 100% 15 (max 24)
33 Lava Plume Type Fire.png SpecialMove.png An inferno of scarlet flames washes over all Pokémon in battle. It may also inflict burns. 80 100% 15 (max 24)
36 Sunny Day Type Fire.png OtherMove.png The user intensifies the sun for five turns, powering up Fire-type moves. - -% 5 (max 8)
40 Flamethrower Type Fire.png SpecialMove.png A powerful fire attack that may inflict a burn. 95 100% 15 (max 24)
43 Fire Blast Type Fire.png SpecialMove.png An attack that may cause a burn. 120 85% 5 (max 8)