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What is Pokémon Exp3D?

The 3D Main Menu of Pokémon Exp3D

Pokémon Exp3D is a modified version of the Pokémon 3D engine, currently developed by JappaWakka#7735 on Discord, which aims to add various features to enhance gameplay and to allow the development of the GameMode PkMnExp3D, featuring a 3D recreation of Hoenn!


  • Content & Gameplay
    • The previous 3D Main Menu is back, including the Content Pack Menu!
    • Many of the previously editable menus have been brought back, including the Bag, Party and Options Interfaces
    • PlayerSkins now also allow for additional variations which are used while Surfing, Using a Fishing Rod and Riding a Bicycle
    • The bicycle item now works!
    • Different sound effects that can be played when warping to a different map (instead of 1 sound effect for every door you enter)
    • Functionality for including regional variants of the Surf & Ride/Bike music
    • Pokémon overworld sprites can now have 2 to 4 frames of animation (which would make a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon replacement pack easier)
    • Strafing and walking backwards in First Person is now possible! No more tank movement! If you still want tank movement, you can use the arrow keys though.
    • Functionality for Battle Animations!!!
  • Scripting & Map making
    • Gender related commands (which can be used for things like dialogue variations)
    • A command for setting the current Status Effect of a Pokémon in your party
    • Scripting functionality for replacing dialogue and text with Localization tokens (so you don't have to modify map & script files to translate the game)
    • Improved pathfinding for the Movement Types "Straight" & "Walk" of NPCs

And much more is planned! Documentation for newly added features will be added later, stay tuned!

If your interested in following Pokémon Exp3D's development or talk about things you'd like to be added to the game, join our Discord: