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1 Year Later(aka: 1YL) Is The Very First Mod Created by Shou Liengod For Pokemon 3D. The Mod 1YL was Created shortly after Version [0.20] Of Pokemon 3D was made. You Can find the Updates and Downloads In Here

The Story Is Claimed to be Fan-Made And Not Stolen in anyway.

1YL is a Story about the events Right After Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal.

Before The Game Starts you choose which Hero Skin you want to use. Since Version [0.21] Which is now called Chapter 1. there are Two Characters available. Alexis, A 19 Year Old Young Man Who's spirit is of a Passionate Young Boy. Darrick, A 20 Year Old Man Who's demeanor is thrived towards Music and expresses himself towards others as a good hearted person. In Chapter 2, At start of a New Game, two new female characters will become playable characters. Fiona, A 18 Year Old Young Woman Where Her Life is based on Art and is adored by Pokemon. Reina, A 19 Year Old Young Woman Who studied Literature since she was 10, she has a talent of singing.

This Mod Contains Main Scenarios and Side Scenarios that may or not affect the Main Protagonist(which is You). The Mod at Certain Point, you may choose who You Want To Continue the Story With AFTER the Main Scenario. Which selections varies who you encountered with in both Main, and Side Stories. whether it is a Girl NPC or Boy NPC.

1YL Back Story

The Story Begins in a home you just moved Into In a Region Known As Johto. Moved in the only house available, your Mother, Mrs. Elwood couldnt be happier, she tells you to go says hi to the neighbors and mentions about Your Friend, Elise(Which can change her name after your mother tells you what her name was), which you thought the first thing you should do is say "Hi" to Elise. You and Your Friend First met In the Kanto Region in Viridian City when you both were kids. It was a Business trip for your Friend's Father (which is Prof. Elm) for some Pokemon Scientific Discovery 10 Years Ago. It first happened when you started to wonder outside alone. You saw a little girl, Which was Elise, went alone in Viridian Forest. You'v wondered in to see why this girl entered the Forest (which no kids are allowed in until they graduated Pokemon School). as you went in, you found the girl being attacked by Spearows. you then went off and took a nearby stick to fend off the Spearows until they left you and the girl alone. ever since then, you and your friend always spend alot of time in Viridian City. But time and time again, your always fighting to protect Elise no matter what happened. For sometime, Elise took in that fight in you and the situation started to change. other kids started to pick on you and Elise was always there to help you. Ever since those times, You two felt so close to the point of being Siblings. 1 Years Later, Prof. Elm went home and left Elise to Mrs. Elwood's Care. which Both Ms. Elwood and Prof. Elm has been friends for a long time. you and Elise were together ever since, then after Moving to New Bark Town 6 Years Later, Alot of things happened to Johto for a 1 Year Period. 1 Year ago from Present Time, A Young Boy/Girl by the name of Gold/Crystal went off to become Pokemon Trainers. After Disbanding Team Rocket for good in Johto. Gold/Crystal received a Challenge Letter By a Man named Red. Ever Since The Skirmish Of Red, Gold/Crystal Disappeared along with Red. Shortly After, A new Organization Came Into Johto and Started making trouble in the Shadows. From There Into Present Time.... 1 Year Later