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This article was last updated for version 0.20.
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Weather is an effect in Pokémon 3D that is visible in the over-world and in battles. Weather can occur randomly whenever a new outdoor area is entered, but is influenced by the current month. The weather is based on the real weather in central Europe. Weather does not effect a battle in any way, unlike in the games.

List of Weathers

You can change to any of these using the "Weather" server command. in normal condition, only the first 3 occur.

  • Clear
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Underwater
  • Sunny
  • Fog
  • Thunderstorm
  • Sandstorm
  • Ash
  • Blizzard



If it starts to rain, raindrops will fall down from the sky and the world will turn slightly darker and appear with a dark blue shading.


When it's snowing, every walkable floor will be covered with snow. Also, little snowflakes will drop down from the sky.


Month Rain chance Snow chance Clear chance
January Low High Medium
February Low High Medium
March Low High High
April High High High
May High Low High
June High Low High
July Low Never High
August Never Never High
September Medium Never Medium
October Medium Low High
November High High Medium
December Medium High Low

Trainer's Tips

  • The current weather can be changed forcefully by changing the map periodically, this can be achieved by entering a new route or exiting a house.
  • It always rains on Route 33, regardless of month.

Version history

Version Changes
0.07a Implemented.
0.16 3D weather particles for fancy graphics mode.