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STAFF NOTICE: jianmingyong will no longer be available for game/site/Wiki assistance. Please contact a different member of the staff.

Welcome to jianmingyong's Profile

I am Yong Jian Ming a.k.a jianmingyong in the P3D Forum.

I am the creator of Pokémon Universal 3D

I have made HGSS Music pack HD and many tools along the way.

I am a gamemode developer and does not work closely in any kolben related stuff unless for data mining.

I am the Main person who created templates for this awesome wiki. If you have any questions, do approach our friendly forum > General to discuss about it. For safety reason, you are not allowed to edit any of my templates except the data part as they are too complex and might be dangerous to be exposed to public for editing. You do not wish to broke the wiki do you?

If you are a human and wish to edit the wiki, please approach me privately through a PM in P3D forum. I will be kind to lend a backup account you can find here. ( It is a normal user so it is not so bad ) You must be a trusted person so... That means, if you have did something bad before then I would just recommend you to make edit request in the forum.