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The Slowpoke Well (Japanese: ヤドンのいど Yadon Well) is a man-made cave located at the edge of Azalea Town. It is located just north-west of Route 33, first seen on the way to Azalea Town. The cave is home to a wide variety of wild Pokémon, but is unique for being the home of Azalea Town's Slowpoke, which they use as pets. It is said that a Slowpoke from the well ended a drought that plagued Azalea Town 400 years before the games' events by yawning. The Slowpoke Well is where the player first encounters the revived Team Rocket, who are cutting off the tails of Slowpoke to sell at their HQ. Before talking to Kurt in his house, there will be a Team Rocket Grunt guarding the entrance of the well, and will not let anyone in. When entering Kurt's house for the first time, he will quickly run out after saying something about going to the Slowpoke Well. He will defeat the grunt at the entrance, then will fall into the well and injure his back. After Kurt is injured while trying to stop Team Rocket, the player has to defeat the Grunts and rescue the kidnapped Slowpoke.

Slowpoke Well Map



The Slowpoke Well is located on the east side of Azalea Town, just north of Route 33. The well is actually a large cave with many chambers. The Slowpoke Well can be accessed to by going down a ladder into the dark cave below. The aesthetics of the well has also been updated to show a small, circular, brick well, which can only be entered by going straight into the hole of the well.


Upon entering the cave, there will be a small pool of water to the west, and a narrow passageway to the north. During the Team Rocket attack, the cave will be populated with Team Rocket Grunts looking for battle. By traveling up and down the small ledge, the other side of the cave can be reached. From there, the path travels north, then west through a narrow strip between the wall of the well and rocks, finally traveling south to a pool of water deep within the cave.


Slowpoke Well contains 1 person.


Image Name Location
SuperPotion.png Super Potion On the first platform, beside the second Team Rocket Grunt.


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Pokémon Location Levels Rate Morning Rate Day Rate Evening Rate Night

Floor 1:

041Zubat Cave Floor 5-8 85% 85% 85% 85%
79Slowpoke Cave Floor 6-8 15% 15% 15% 15%
079 Slowpoke Surf Surf encounter.png 10-24 100% 100% 100% 100%

Basement Floor 1:

For a list for all locations see: Pokémon Locations


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward
A Team Rocket Grunt GruntM.png 19Rattata Lv.9

19Rattata Lv.9

360 Pokémon Dollar
B Team Rocket Grunt GruntF.png 041Zubat Lv.9

23Ekans Lv.11

440 Pokémon Dollar
C Team Rocket Grunt GruntM.png 19Rattata Lv.7

041Zubat Lv.9
041Zubat Lv.9

360 Pokémon Dollar
D Executive Proton Trainer Proton.png 041Zubat Lv.8

109Koffing Lv.12

480 Pokémon Dollar


Version History

Version Changes
0.21 Implemented.
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