Route 42

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Route 42 Map

Route 42 (Japanese: 42ばんどうろ Route 42) is a route in central Johto, connecting Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town. Mt. Mortar lies on the route with multiple entrances along the route.


Upon leaving from either the western or eastern terminus, a Trainer must have a Pokémon with Surf to continue, as the route is divided twice over by small lakes. On the small landmass between the two, there is a tree that is able to be Cut, leading to a trio of Apricorn trees, much like those on Route 37.

Each of the landmasses on the route also features an entrance to a different part of [Mt. Mortar].

After seeing it in Cianwood City, Suicune appears on the overworld near the Apricorn trees, but flees if the player gets close.


Image Name Location
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball By the west entrance to Mt. Mortar
Super Potion.png Super Potion On the East edge of the central landmass
Green Apricorn.png Green Apricorn Grove in the middle of the route
Pink Apricorn.png Pink Apricorn Grove in the middle of the route
File:Orange Apricorn.png Orange Apricorn Grove in the middle of the route