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All Pokemon have many special powers and strengths that are either specific to them or General Across all of the Pokemon. Each of these has many neuances specific to Pokemon 3D.

All aspects of a Pokemon are editable and you can yourself and your opponents any Pokemon you want.


Each Pokemon has a specific list of moves that they can learn either by level up or by tm.

The full list of moves currently available in the game can be found here: Moves.

This is a description of each portion of the above list.


This determines the type that the attack uses and how it effects other pokemon. Each type is weak against some types and resistant against other. See Bellow for more details on types.


There are three Category|categories:

  • Physical: These moves deal damage using your ATK stat and your opponent's DEF stat.
  • Special: These moves deal damage based on your Sp. ATK stat and your opponent's Sp. DEF stat.
  • Status: These moves do no damage but cause a variety of effects, including increasing stats, weakening moves, changing pokemon, etc.


This is a description of what an attack will do. Most attacks have an effect out side of just doing damage whether it is taking Recoil damage, Lowering a Stat, or afflicting an opponent with a Status effect.


This determines how much damage this move does in battle. This number gets fed through a complicated formula along with your Pokemon's Atk/Sp. Atk stat and your opponent's Def/Sp. Def stat to determine the damage it causes.


This determines whether or not a move will hit. Many moves can raise or lower this to make the move more or less accurate.

Many moves have an accuracy of "—%", indicating that they are exempt from accuracy calculations. This is usually because they affect no one but the user (and/or the partner in a Double Battle), or because they will never miss the target (excluding type immunities) unless the target uses a move that grants invulnerability for the turn (such as Protect, or the first stage of Fly or Dig). However, the situation for one-hit knockout moves is very different; the accuracy varies based on the difference between the user's level and the target's level. Accuracy can be increased by Abilities, held items, and moves.

PP(Power Points)

This determines how many times a move can be used. If a move has no PP then it cannot be used. PP can be restored using a few different Items and Berrys. If a Pokemon has no PP in any of its moves it will use the attack Struggle. The max value is mostly static being able to be raised up to 60% more only with the use of the PP Up and PP Max items.


Each Pokemon has one ability that it has from birth and cannot change. Many Pokemon have only one ability available to its species. The rest have two. In the V generation, every Pokémon has a hidden ability, but those aren't available in this game.

Abilities have a large variety of effects such as making all Ground moves miss, changing the weather, restoring HP, and many more. Some even make the Pokemon goof off every other turn or lower the user's stats!

The full list of abilities is here. Abilities whose effects aren't listed are not yet implemented.


Each pokemon has 6 stats that are defined by 4 values:

  • Base Stat - Same for all pokemon of a species
  • Effort Values - Changeable Value [ seebelow ]
  • Individual Values, and Natures - cannot be changed after the pokemon is caught or born.

All stats can be raised or lowered in battle using a variety of different moves and abilities.\

Without accounting for the last 3 stats at level 100 are

((2 x Base Stat) + 5)

except HP which is

((2 x Base Stat) + 110)

Hit Points

Hit Points is how much health a Pokemon has. HP is the only stat that is displayed during battle. If a Pokemon has 50% health the bar will turn orange, if it has 20% it will turn red. If it hits zero HP the Pokemon will Faint.

The HP bar also affects the Pokémon's cry. If a Pokémon's HP bar is green, the player will hear the cry of the Pokémon in its normal sounding rate, but if the Pokémon has less than half of its HP remaining or has fainted, its cry will be lowered by a half-step to indicate its weakened state.

The amount of HP a wild Pokémon has also determines its catch rate. If the Pokémon has a green health bar, they can resist capture rather easily (unless a Master Ball is used). If the wild Pokémon's HP is in the yellow area, their likelihood of being captured doubles. If the Pokémon is in danger of fainting (red health bar), then their chance of capture triples as opposed to their ordinary green health bar.

Blissey 242 has the highest HP of any Pokemon.


Attack (along with your opponent's Defense) determines how much damage you deal after a physical attack. Like most stats this does not display in battle but can be raised and lowered by moves and abilities.

Slaking 289 has the Highest attack of any Pokemon currently Available.


Defense (along with your opponent's Attack) determines how much damage you receive after a physical attack. Like most stats this does not display in battle but can be raised and lowered by moves and abilities.

Shuckle 213 has the highest Defense of any Pokemon.

Special Attack

Sp. Attack (along with your opponent's Sp. Defense) determines how much damage you deal after a special attack. Like most stats this does not display in battle but can be raised and lowered by moves and abilities.

Aegislash 681 has the highest Sp. Attack of any Pokemon currently available in the game.

Special Defense

Sp. Defense (along with your opponent's Sp. Attack) determines how much damage you receive after a special attack. Like most stats this does not display in battle but can be raised and lowered by moves and abilities.

Shuckle 213 has the highest Sp. Defense of any Pokemon.


Speed determines which Pokemon attacks first each turn. Each move also has priority with some being higher and lower than normal. If both moves are the same priority the Pokemon with the highest speed stat goes first. Like most stats this does not display in battle but can be raised and lowered by moves and abilities.

Electrode 101 has the highest Speed of any Pokemon currently available in the game.

Inbattle Stats

Accuracy and Evasion are both used only in battle. Each Pokemon always starts with 100% in both stats. The ratio between your Accuracy and your opponents Evasion helps determine if a move will hit or not.

Stat Growth


Every Pokemon has one nature that is set when a Pokemon is either caught or bred.

Each Nature either Raises one stat by 10% and decreases another by 10% OR it does nothing. The Full List of Natures is here.

Effort Values

Effort Values (called FPs by the game) are points gained by defeating a Pokemon. Each Pokemon who participates in the battle gains the same amount of EVS. A Pokemon may have up to 255 points in each stat and up to 510 overall. A Pokemon gains 1 stat point of every 4 EVs. Due to these values there will always be 2 unused EVs. The most common way to split EVs is 252/252/6 often between an attack stat the speed stat and the highest out of the defenses and HP.

Each Pokemon give a specific number of EVs when beaten. Evolved Pokemon tend to give more while unevolved Pokemon give less.

Individual Values

IVs (called DVs by the game) help generate a Pokemon's stats. IVs can be any number between 1 and 31 and have large increases in stat the higher you get. IVs are generated either at birth or when caught and cannot be changed.

IVs also determine the size of a Pokemon in battle. The higher the IVs the bigger the Pokemon

Experience Points

at the end of every battle every Pokemon that participated gains EXP based on the Pokemon defeated and its level. This amount is then divided evenly between all participating members of your team even if they didn't actually fight.


Shiny Pokemon are one of the rarest things to be found in the game. As of ver 0.55, You have approximately a 1/4096 chance of finding one in the wild, though this rate can be boosted by several things. Being shiny doesn't actually do much besides change the appearance of a Pokemon to a new color scheme.


Breeding is one of the most complicated and yet most simple concepts in Pokemon. At its most basic you put 2 similar Pokemon of different genders into the daycare. After awhile you receive an egg. If you walk around enough with the egg in your team it will hatch in to a poke that is the same as the Pokemon's mother.

However simple this may seem it gets more complicated as you add in Nature, IVs, Abilities and more.