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Shining Lighthouse 1F Map
Shining Lighthouse 2F Map
Shining Lighthouse 3F Map
Shining Lighthouse 4F Map
Shining Lighthouse 5F Map
Shining Lighthouse 6F Map

The Shining Lighthouse (Japanese: かがやきのとうだい Radiance Lighthouse) or Olivine Lighthouse (Japanese: アサギのとうだい Asagi Lighthouse) is a location in Olivine City, {{SS|Johto}. It is here that Trainers will first find Jasmine, the Olivine Gym Leader, from a hint by their rival. Amphy is an Ampharos] who serves as a beacon for the lighthouse. Recently, Amphy has become ill, and Jasmine, nurturing Amphy to health, will not leave for any reason until Amphy is cured.

She asks the player if he or she will travel across the sea to nearby Cianwood City to get a SecretPotion, then bring it back to her. While Jasmine has no fightable junior Trainers in her Gym, the lighthouse poses a challenge which provides more than enough of a counterbalance to it, as there are many Trainers on each of its floors.


There are no items in this area.


There are no Pokémon in this area.


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward
A Gentleman Alfred Gentleman.png 430MS.png Honchkrow Lv.42 Pokémon Dollar1,440
B Sailor Huey Sailor.png 536MS.png Palpitoad Lv.18
060MS.png Poliwhirl Lv.39
Pokémon Dollar720
C Bird Keeper Theo Bird Keeper.png 083MS.png Farfetch'd Lv.37
083MS.png Farfetch'd Lv.35
083MS.png Farfetch'd Lv.35
083MS.png Farfetch'd Lv.39
083MS.png Farfetch'd Lv.35
Pokémon Dollar360
D Gentleman Preston Gentleman.png 059MS.png Arcanine Lv.38
038MS.png Ninetales Lv.38
Pokémon Dollar1,296
E Sailor Kent Sailor.png 536MS.png Palpitoad Lv.38
364MS.png Sealeo Lv.38
Pokémon Dollar800
F Bird Keeper Denis Bird Keeper.png 227MS.png Skarmory Lv.40
398MS.png Staraptor Lv.41
Pokémon Dollar432
G Lass Connie Lass.png 363MS.png Spheal Lv.37
364MS.png Sealeo Lv.37
Pokémon Dollar504
H Sailor Terrell Sailor.png 537MS.png Seismitoad Lv.41 Pokémon Dollar800
I Sailor Ernest Sailor.png 560MS.png Scrafty Lv.39
067MS.png Machoke Lv.39
061MS.png Poliwhirl Lv.39
Pokémon Dollar720


Version history

Version Changes
0.10 Implemented.
0.11 Jasmine event implemented.

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