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| 0.10
| 0.10
| Elder added.
| Elder added.
| 0.11
| 0.11
| Trainers added, accessible.
| Trainers added, accessible.

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Route 49 Map

Route 49 is a route in southern Johto, connecting Cherrygrove City at east, Route 32 at west and an undisclosed location(referred to by some nearby monks as "The holiest place in the world").


Starting from Cherrygrove City and Route 32 in the north, The route either is a very long route south or a short path directly from Cherrygrove city to Route 32. Along the route are a number of trainee monks who are sworn to an oath of silence while they protect the end of the route from tresspassers. At the south end of the route is a small island where an Elder stands to guard the path. He uses a Palkia to warp potential trespassers away.


There are no items.


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Pokémon Location Levels Rate Morning Rate Day Rate Evening Rate Night
055Golduck Surf 30-36 30% 30% 30% 30%
130Gyarados Surf 30-36 30% 30% 30% 30%
073Tentacruel Surf 30-36 30% 30% 30% 30%
171Lanturn Surf 30-36 9% 9% 9% 9%
147Dratini Surf 5 5% 5% 5% 5%

For a list for all locations see: Pokémon Locations


Unless stated otherwise, all levels in this chart are of Difficulty 0.

Label Name Image Pokémon Reward
A Swimmer♂ Charlie Swimmer♂.png 142MS.png Aerodactyl Lv.38
142MS.png Aerodactyl Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
B Swimmer♂ George Swimmer♂.png 138MS.png Omanyte Lv.38
139MS.png Omastar Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
C Swimmer♀ Kara Swimmer♀.png 140MS.png Kabuto Lv.38
141MS.png Kabutops Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
D Swimmer♂ Kirk Swimmer♂.png 345MS.png Lileep Lv.38
346MS.png Cradilly Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
E Swimmer♀ Denise Swimmer♀.png 347MS.png Anorith Lv.38
348MS.png Armaldo Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
F Swimmer♂ Mathew Swimmer♂.png 408MS.png Cranidos Lv.38
409MS.png Rampardos Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
G Swimmer♀ Wendy Swimmer♀.png 410MS.png Shieldon Lv.38
411MS.png Bastiodon Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
H Swimmer♂ Berke Swimmer♂.png 564MS.png Tirtouga Lv.38
565MS.png Carracosta Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000
I Swimmer♀ Susie Swimmer♀.png 566MS.png Archen Lv.38
567MS.png Arceops Lv.40
Pokémon Dollar1000

*Can only be battled at Night.


There are 9 trainers and an Elder on this route.


Version History

Version Changes
0.05-0.05.1 Implemented.
0.10 Elder added.
0.11 Trainers added, accessible.
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