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Number: #051

Type: NormalType.pngNoneType.png
Evolution: Linoone
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Zigzagoon is a Normal type Pokemon

Zigzagoon looks like a small brown and white/cream raccoon. Its bristly fur alternates in layers of cream and brown, and, due to the jagged outline, the fur has a zigzag pattern. Zigzagoon’s head is brown with spiky ears and a jagged muzzle. It also has a black ‘mask’ pattern over its brown eyes and a black nose. Zigzagoon’s feet have three claws, the forefeet colored cream and the hind feet brown, with pink paw pads on the underside. It also has a spiky, bristly brush tail. The upper portion of Zigzagoon's mouth is jagged in outline, and when Zigzagoon's mouth is open, two fangs can be seen on its lower jaw.

Zigzagoon evolves into Linoone starting at level 20.

Pokédex Entry

It walks in zigzag fashion. It is good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground.

Type Height Weight
Tiny Racoon Pokémon 0.4m 17.5kg



Locations Method
Route 29 Grass
Route 30 Grass
Route 31 Grass
Route 32 Grass
Route 33 Grass
Route 46 Grass
Sprout Tower Building Floor


Location Level Trainer
Route 30 LVL 10 Youngster.png Youngster Mikey
Route 32 LVL 15 Youngster.png Youngster Albert
Slowpoke Well LVL 18 GruntM.png Team Rocket Grunt


Lv. Move Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
- Tackle Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png A full-body charge attack. 35 100% 35 (max 56)
- Growl Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Reduces the foe's Attack. - 100% 40 (max 64)
5 Tail Whip Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Lowers the foe's Defense. - 100% 30 (max 48)
9 Headbutt Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png The user sticks its head out and rams straight forward. It may make the foe flinch. 70 100% 15 (max 24)
13 Sand Attack Type Ground.png OtherMove.png Reduces accuracy by throwing sand. - 100% 15 (max 24)
17 Odor Sleuth Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Enables the user to hit a Ghost type with any type of move. It also enables the user to hit an evasive foe. - -% 40 (max 64)
21 Mud Sport Type Ground.png OtherMove.png Weakens Electric-type attacks while the user is in the battle. - -% 15 (max 24)
25 Pin Missile Type Bug.png PhysicalMove.png Sharp spikes are shot at the target in rapid succession. They hit two to five times in a row. 14 85% 20 (max 32)
29 Covet Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png Cutely begs to obtain an item held by the foe. 60 100% 40 (max 64)
33 Bestow Type Normal.png OtherMove.png The user passes its held item to the target when the target isn't holding an item. - -% 15 (max 24)
37 Flail Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png Stronger if the user's HP is low. Varies 100% 15 (max 24)
41 Rest Type Psychic.png OtherMove.png The user sleeps for 2 turns, restoring HP and status. - -% 10 (max 16)
45 Belly Drum Type Normal.png OtherMove.png Reduces own HP to maximize Attack. - -% 10 (max 16)
49 Fling Type Dark.png PhysicalMove.png The user flings its held item at the foe to attack. Its power and effects depend on the item. Varies 100% 10 (max 16)