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== Information ==
== Information ==

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Number: #280

Type: NormalType.pngNoneType.png
Evolution: None
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Attack ATK
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Speed SPD


Clefable is a Normal type Pokémon.

Clefable still strongly resembles its pre-evolutions, but is noticeably much taller while still retaining its vague star shape. It remains a tailed biped, but its ears are now much longer and almost completely the same color as its body, with small brown tips. Its wings are now much larger and a deeper shade of pink, but they are incapable of flight. Clefable loses the elongated left canine and the nails on its fingers that it had as a Clefairy, but gains an extra clawed toe on each foot. The undersides of its feet have a circular dark pink pattern.

It evolves from Clefairy when exposed to a Moon Stone

Pokédex Entry

With its acute hearing pick up sounds from far away. It usually hides in quiet places.

Type Height Weight
Fairy Pokémon 1.3m 40.0kg


Locations Method
None Evolves from Clefairy with a Moonstone.


Level Move Type Power Accuracy PP
1 Tackle Normal 35 100% 35 (max 56)