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Welcome to the Pokémon 3D Wiki

The official resource on information about Pokémon3D

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Today is September 22, 2023.
The most recent version is 0.38

Major Update News (0.38):

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

Major Update News (0.37):

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

Major Update News (0.36.4 (Upload 2)):

Bug Fixes:

Major Update News (0.36.4 (Upload 1)):

New Features:

  • Pokémon model viewer in the Pokédex.
  • Safari Zone Gate area completely implemented.
  • The Bag's pockets now have images that correspond to what's within.
  • New Mail and Battle Items pockets for the Bag.
  • Pokémon models now have light shades.
  • Added Mail items.
  • Implemented some new Pokémon models.
  • Added a new emblem background.

Bug Fixes:

Major Update News (0.36.3):

New Features:

  • Revamped the Options menu.
  • Improved Xbox 360 Controller support.
  • Implemented new warning system when quitting the game.
  • Added TM27 and TM28.
  • Added a proper Hall of Fame scene for the Player.
  • Remade the Rival script in New Bark Town.
  • Added a Move Relearner in Blackthorn City.
  • Added a few more 3D Pokémon models.
  • Implemented the Safari Zone Gate as a work-in-progress map.

Bug Fixes:

(Too many to count!)

Minor Update News (0.36.2):

There is a new update today, again: Version 0.36.2

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when learning new moves.
  • Not being able to use items in battle.
  • Not being able to go to the new docks.

Major Update News (0.36.1):

The Pokémon3D version 0.36.1 update is here and it starts the Tuesday update schedule again. I forgot to mention that in the last post, but we are going to update every Tuesday again. So mark the Tuesday as P3D day in your calender ;)

Content and fixes

  • S.S. Aqua Ticket event
  • Olivine Docks
  • New Battle Interface
  • Evolution, level up and move learning is back.
  • EXP share works again
  • XBOX 360 controller support
  • 2 redesigned emblems
  • Added 3rd, 4th and 5th gen starters to the game.
  • Of course, the battle system got major fixes and upgrades to prevent crashes that appeared in the 0.36 update.

Major Update News (0.36):

New Content:

  • Route 26 & 27
  • Victory Road
  • Elite 4 & Hall of Fame
  • Tin Tower
  • Whirl Islands
  • Berry Vista & the Train Station in Goldenrod City
  • Odd egg event
  • New items

Updated Content:

  • Reworked the whole GTS to give it a new layout and star system
  • Added a complete new battle system replacing the old, buggy one. It’s not finished though, here’s a list of features you may miss (we are going to add them as fast as possible):
  • Missing battle features: Item management and use in battle, Around 250 moves missing. The missing moves are replaced (in battles only) with the move “Pound”, Some minor GUI features, Minor engine and text mistakes, Leveling up messages and move learning. This change might sound like a backstep, it isn’t though. The moves missing are easy to add, it just takes some time. The system inside is far more advanced than the old one and will be able to support double and triple battles and even PvP in the future.
  • Added “tree walls” around some maps so one can’t see the end of a map through trees.
  • Better music and intro music loops
  • Fixed GameMode and ContentPack additional music files.

Small stuff:

  • Added hold items to wild Pokémon
  • Surf and Ride music
  • Added some new features to breeding (IVs, moves and natures)


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