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Jirachi is a Steel and Psychic type Pokémon.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Jirachi is a small, white, humanoid Pokémon. It has short, stubby legs and comparatively longer arms. There are flaps on the underside of its arms, which give the impression of long sleeves. On its belly is a curved seam, which conceals a third eye, known as its "true" eye. Additionally, it has a normal pair of circular eyes on its face, with small, blue triangular markings underneath. On its head is a large, yellow structure with three points extending outward: one from the top and one on either side. On each point is a blue tag, known as a "wish tag". A rounded extension hangs from either side of the yellow structure, framing Jirachi's face. Two yellow streamers flow from this Pokémon’s back, resembling comet tails. Jirachi hibernates for extensive periods, forming a protective crystalline shell as it sleeps. However, it is still capable of fighting while asleep if it is in danger. It awakens for seven days every thousand year, but can also waken if sung to by a voice of purity. During the short periods when it is awake, Jirachi is said to grant wishes. However, in the anime, Jirachi cannot create an object that is desired from a wish. Instead, it teleports the desired object to the person that made the wish. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Jirachi's wishes are granted by writing on the three tags located on its head. Due to only having three tags, Jirachi can only grant three wishes. The anime further reveals that Jirachi's awakening is linked to the Millennium Comet, and that its third eye has the ability to absorb the energy Jirachi needs for hibernation. Although it is extremely rare, Jirachi can be found in the mountains.

Pokédex Entry

A legend states that Jirachi will make true any wish that is written on the notes attached to head when it awakens. If this Pokémon senses danger, it will fight without awakening.

Species Height Weight
Wish 0.3 m 1.1 Kg

Locations / How to obtain

Region Location Method
Kanto Millennial Star Tower Once

National Dex: #385
Kanto Dex: #238
Type: Steel Psychic
Not Evolveable
Rayquaza Deoxys
Serene Grace
Special Atk.
Special Def.


By Leveling up

Level Name Type Category Contest Description PP Power Accuracy Implemented?
- Wish Normal Status Cute One turn after this move is used, the target's HP is restored by half the user's maximum HP. 10 (Max: 16) 0 0 Yes
- Confusion Psychic Special Smart The target is hit by a weak telekinetic force. It may also leave the target confused. 25 (Max: 40) 50 100 Yes
5 Rest Psychic Status Cute The user goes to sleep for two turns. It fully restores the user’s HP and heals any status problem. 10 (Max: 16) 0 0 Yes
10 Swift Normal Special Cool Star-shaped rays are shot at the opposing team. This attack never misses. 20 (Max: 32) 60 0 Yes
15 Helping Hand Normal Status Smart The user assists an ally by boosting the power of that ally's attack. Has a priority of +5 20 (Max: 32) 0 0 No
20 Psychic Psychic Special Smart The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the target's Sp.Def stat. 10 (Max: 16) 90 100 Yes
25 Refresh Normal Status Smart The user rests to cure itself of a poisoning, burn, or paralysis. 20 (Max: 32) 0 0 Yes
30 Rest Psychic Status Cute The user goes to sleep for two turns. It fully restores the user’s HP and heals any status problem. 10 (Max: 16) 0 0 Yes
35 Zen Headbutt Psychic Physical Tough The user focuses its willpower to its head and attacks the target. This may also make the target flinch. 15 (Max: 24) 80 90 Yes
40 Double-Edge Normal Physical Tough A reckless, life-risking tackle. It also damages the user by a fairly large amount, however. 15 (Max: 24) 120 100 Yes
45 Gravity Psychic Status Beauty Gravity is intensified for five turns, making moves involving flying unusable and negating Levitate. 5 (Max: 8) 0 0 Yes
50 Healing Wish Psychic Status Cute The user faints. In return, the Pokemon taking its place will have its HP restored and status conditions cured. 10 (Max: 16) 0 0 Yes
55 Future Sight Psychic Special Smart Two turns after this move is used, a hunk of psychic energy attacks the target. 10 (Max: 16) 120 100 Yes
60 Cosmic Power Psychic Status Cool The user absorbs a mystical power from space to raise its Defense and Sp. Def stats. 20 (Max: 32) 0 0 Yes
65 Last Resort Normal Physical Cute This move can be used only after the user has used all the other moves it knows in the battle. 5 (Max: 8) 140 100 Yes
70 Doom Desire Steel Special Cool Two turns after this move is used, the user blasts the target with a concentrated bundle of light. 10 (Max: 16) 140 100 Yes

Version history

Version Changes
0.50.0 Implemented and Catchable.