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Game Modes are maps, scripts and content that change Pokémon3D. Not to be confused with Content Packs, which are mods that allow the safe swapping of content client-side (like texture and music packs)


Modifications are not supported by Kolben

If you have attempted to install a Game Mode and encounter a bug, do not report the bug to Kolben unless you can reproduce the problem in a fresh install!

How do Game Modes work?

Game Modes are installed by placing the files in the /Game Modes/ Folder of the /Pokemon/ Folder. They can then be started by creating a new game.


Each Game Mode Contains a file called GameMode.dat the tells the game how to run.

Where can I learn to mod?

Most of the file types are described in detail on the wiki. Most of them are linked through this page.

Any questions can be asked in the Moding Discussion and support portion of the forums.

Released GameModes

Check the forum, it has all the updated "Resources" of the game!

Game Folder
Content ContentPacks GameModes Saves Screenshots Game Executable
Pokemon Data ContentPack Folder GameMode folder Savegame folder Version History
Data Maps Moves Scripts Control Files Content GameMode.dat Party.dat Player.dat Options.dat
poke battle structures V1 V2 trainer worldmap