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Evolution is the process by which a Pokémon undergoes a special type of metamorphosis after achieving some task. While evolving a Pokémon will cause their stats to boost, they will learn moves at a much slower rate.

Evolving your Pokémon

Pokémon can evolve in many different ways. The most common method of evolution is leveling up. Some Pokémon require leveling up under certain conditions, such as holding certain items, being at certain places, having a high friendship stat, knowing specific moves or during the day/night. Another common method of evolution is evolutionary stones. Some Pokémon can even be evolved by trading!

List of Evolution Methods

Unique conditions

Additional factors

  • Burmy evolves at level 20, but its new form is determined by its gender and, if female, its cloak (which changes according to the place where it has battled last time).
  *Male BurmyMothim
  *Female BurmyWormadam, but the type combination of Wormadam is determined by the cloak.
    *With Plant Cloak (after battling in the wild) → Bug/Grass Wormadam.
    *With Sandy Cloak (after battling in a cave or on a beach) → Bug/Ground Wormadam.
    *With Trash Cloak (after battling in a building) → Bug/Steel Wormadam.
  *Hitmonlee if Attack > Defense.
  *Hitmonchan if Attack < Defense.
  *Hitmontop if Attack = Defense.
  • Wurmple evolves at level 7 into Silcoon or Cascoon depending on its personality value. It is a hidden value determined when the Pokémon is caught and cannot be affected by the player.


Version history

Version Changes
0.11 Implemented.
0.16 Kakuna and Rattata evolutions implemented.
0.17 Stopping evolution implemented.
0.18 Fixed Hoppip's evolution.