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A content pack is a collection of graphics, music, sounds, maps and scripts to change the in-game textures, music and story. They are folders located in the ..\Pokemon\ContentPacks\ folder. They can contain various files, they have to be in the .xnb format to work. The game takes all content that is in the ContentPacks and replaces the original content with the found content. All content that isn't affected by the content packs is loaded normally. Files loaded from a content pack don't actually replace the files in the Content folder, but rather gets loaded instead the files from this folder.



To install a content pack, the ContentPacks folder has to exist in your Pokemon folder. Also, the Save folder has to exists with an options.dat in it. This can be achieved by starting the game once and press F3 at least once and close the game again.

Install a content pack

After finding and downloading a content pack, copy the folder into the ContentPacks folder. After that's done, open the options.dat in the Save folder. There is a line called "ContentPacks|". Add the name of the folder of the content pack after the "|". If you want to load multiple content packs, you have to add more separated by a comma (","), e.g. "ContentPacks|UIPack,TexturePack,MusicPack". The order the content packs are sorted is actually important because if multiple content packs contain the same texture, the texture from the content pack that is listed first is loaded. The other textures are ignored.

File placements

The files in the content packs are placed in relation to their actual position in the "Content" folder. If the texture "\Pokemon\Content\Textures\Texture1.xnb" should be replaced, one has to create the texture "\Pokemon\ContentPacks\yourcontentpackname\Textures\Texture1.xnb".

Texture files

Texture files are simple .xnb files containing a new texture to be displayed in-game. This can be a GUI texture, a in-game object texture like the door of a house or an NPC sprite. Even Pokémon animation textures can be replaced using the content packs. For HD texture packs, the game cannot automatically find larger textures. So one has to create a file called "exceptions.dat" that is located in the root folder of the content pack. This file contains single texture replacements, not the whole texture files. An example line:


This line replaces the texture at 0,0 in the texturepack “Textures\BarkTown” with the same texture coordinates from the cherrygrove texturepack.

Sound and Music files

Similar to the texture files, the sound and music files are .xnb files. They only need their respective .wma file which contains the actual music or sound file. So for music and sounds, there needs to be two files for each track, the .xnb file and the .wma file. These have to be in the same location.

List of Content Packs

Check the forum, it has all the updated "Resources" of the game!


  • The loaded content packs are listed in the debug screen (F3).

Version history

Version Changes
  • First implementation
  • Multiple content pack support
  • Fixed some GUIs aren't loaded properly with content packs.
  • Maps and scripts can be loaded through content packs
  • Content pack submenu in the main menu.

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