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Through out the world of Pokemon there are many important people who will be encountered in many different ways and times. These people may help you like Prof. Elm, battle you like your Rival, or are out to cause havoc like Team Rocket.

The Player

The player is the character whose perspective the game is played from.


At the beginning of the game after choosing your Starter your rival will obtain the Starter who has a type advantage to yours. They will then challenge you multiple times throughout the story line becoming one of the strongest trainers you face in the game.


Professor Elm

Prof. Elm is a Pokemon researcher who specializes in Evolution. He lives in New Bark Town and gives the player their Starter in exchange for running an errand to retrieve an egg from Mr. Pokemon.

When the player defeats Pryce he will call concerned about the Team Rocket radio broadcast. When the player defeats Clair he will call and have them come and get a Master Ball. When the Player defeats Lance he will give the player the S.S. Ticket so they can take the S.S. Aqua between Olivine City and Vermilion City.

Professor Oak

Professor Oak is often considered the foremost authority on Pokémon. He is the inventor of the original Pokédex and gives it to the player when they reach Mr. Pokemon's house. In his youth he was a well known Pokémon Trainer. He shared a fierce rivalry with Agatha until he retired to focus on his research.

Even tough he lives in Pallet Town he often goes to Goldenrod City to co-host a Radio Program with Mary.

He can be visited after the Player defeats Blue to receive the National Pokédex and the Rainbow Pass to visit all of the Sevii Islands. He can also be visited after defeating Red to receive the Mega Bracelet and a Kanto Starter holding a Mega Stone.

After inviting all of the Gym Leaders the player may invite Professor Oak to visit the Goldenrod Battle Bar. He will bring his friend Agatha with him every Thursday around Noon.

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Professor's Aide

Is the main helper for Professor Elm. He gives the player their first Potion and set of Poké Balls as well as bringing the Togepi Egg to the player in Violet City.


Team Rocket

An evil organization founded by Giovanni, it was disbanded by him three years before the story. Since then Team Rocket has been rebuilding itself and waiting for the return of Giovanni.

Believing they are ready, four of the executives take charge of team and begin their comeback culminating in their invasion of the Radio Tower. After the interim boss, Executive Archer is defeated he will disband Team Rocket once again. A small portion that team will follow Executive Proton and cause problems in Kanto and the Sevii Islands in their attempts to capture Mewtwo. Another portion will follow Executive Petrel to Unova's Liberty Island to attempt to catch Victini.

Giovanni is briefly hiding out in Tohjo Falls when the rest of his organization calls on him from the Radio Tower. The player defeats him with the help of Celebi and prevents him from reuniting with his organization. Three of his former members are still undercover trying to find him.

Pokemon League

The Pokemon League consists of the eight Gym Leaders, The Elite Four and the Champion.

Gym Leaders

There are eight Gym Leaders through out each the Johto and Kanto regions whose job is to test trainers as they aspire to challenge the Elite Four and become Champion.

Elite Four

The Elite Four are four of the strongest trainers in the Johto and Kanto Regions. They must be beaten in a row with no chances to get more items or to use a Pokemon Center before being allowed to face the Champion


The Champion is the strongest trainer in the Region. He can only be battled (in most cases) immediately after defeating the Elite Four.

Other Characters

Important Characters

  • Mom - The mother of the Player who gives them the Pokegear and takes care of the house while they are gone.
  • Mr. Pokemon - A collector of rare Pokemon items who lives on Route 30. he is the reason that Professor Elm gives you a Pokemon as he needs you to run an errand to retrieve a Mystery Egg from Mr. Pokemon.
  • Looker - An agent of the International Police known only by his code name. After Team Rocket's take over of the Radio Tower he is assigned to track down the remaining admins that are now on the run.


  • Eusine - A Mysterious man who is friends with Gym Leader Morty. He is a Suicune fanatic and follows the Suicune, and thus the Player throughout Johto.
  • Elder Li - The head of a group of sages who reside in the Sprout Tower. Presents a challenge for starting trainers to test them selves against.
  • Kiyo - The Karate Master of Saffron City Fighting Dojo. He has closed his dojo to go on a training journey.
  • Kimono Girls - A group of five traditional Japanese dancers who are also strong trainers. Each one trains a different evolution of Eevee. A sixth girl can be encountered in Ilex Forest. The girls have traidional ties to the legendary pokémon of Johto
  • Lorelei - A former Elite Four member who has retired to Four Island. She recruits the player to help her defeat Team Rocket. If you visit her afterwards she will battle daily.
  • Agatha - A former Elite Four member who has retired. She is good friends with Prof. Oak.
  • Green - A peer of Red and Blue who is also a strong trainer in her own right. Not much is known about her.
  • Kolben Staff - Representations of various Development and Forum staff and Community members.

Service Providers

Radio Tower Personnel

  • Director - The Director of the Radio Tower who is kidnapped by Team Rocket and replaced with a disguised Executive Petrel as part of their plan to take over the Radio Tower. After saving the tower the Director will reward you with either the Rainbow Wing or the Silver Wing.
  • Mary - A broadcaster working for the Radio Tower who co-hosts a talk show with Professor Oak.
  • Buena - Another Radio Show host. Is in charge of the daily password radio program from 6 PM to 12 AM.
  • DJ Ben - Another Radio Show host.

Minor Characters

  • Charcoal Maker - Runs a small Charcoal making business in Azalea Town. He and his assistant use a Farfetch'd to cut down trees in Ilex Forest to turn into charcoal. The Player first meets him after retrieving the Farfetch'd who ran away from his assistant.
  • Week Siblings - 7 Siblings who will, on their given day of the week. Appear in a specific location and give any trainer who visits them a hold item for their Pokemon.

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