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TestLevel as seen from above, taken during Indev 0.47.2.

Not to be confused with Test, a similarly named location.

TestLevel (referred in-game as the last place generated in the temporary files, referred to as Places_Testworld when entered from Test.) is a location within Pokémon 3D that is only accessible by editing the player.dat document in the Pokémon 3D file. This can be accomplished by editing their current location to be "testlevel.dat". Its purpose seems to be testing with elevation and collision with solid objects. The location appears to generate random music upon entry. TestLevel is connected to Test through a trans-dimentional door.


TestLevel is a small, flat grassland with two cobblestone ramps going left and right. The right ramp has a slight pause between it while the left one is facing such a direction that the player cannot climb all of it. There is also a small area of dirt separated from the mainland nearby the ramps. Two colorless Cut trees are nearby this dirt platform. There are also some invisible blocks that the player cannot see, but stop movement. There are two small groups of different forest trees near the cobblestone ramps and two sign that both read "3". The trans-dimensional door (now without a texture) lies not too far from here. Aside the trans-dimensional cube lies two forest tress with severe distortions. Behind the two trees lie a small section of water that is only large enough to contain a whirlpool and a short waterfall. Immediately connected to the left group of forest trees are two still water tiles. These tiles act like spinning tiles when stepped on, and will cause the player to go between them in an infinite loop until the game is exited. Northeast of these tiles lie a single Strength bolder that can be pushed around. South of the bolder stands an early version of the waterfall texture. If the player collides with this structure, dialogue appears with simply "3". Nearby exists a headbutt tree without proper billboard settings, and a Youngster. Any attempt to battle or interact with the Youngster will crash the game. A few paces over stands a white silhouette model of what appears to be a stadium. It lacks solidity, and can be traveled through. Near the edge of the map, another waterfall extends out of what appears to be the roof of a house. In the center of the map, an ice pathway connects the two grass plains of the map, only interrupted by a sole headbutt tree. When accessed from Test, TestLevel will be completely submerged underwater.

Places of Interest


There is a no-texture cube not too far away from the group of trees and sign. Prior to recent updates, the cube resembled a door. Upon entering it, the player will warp to Test, and will be given an interface as if the player was speaking with Kurt. Upon returning to TestLevel, the underwater effect remains.


There are no items in this area.


There are no Pokémon in this area.


Version History

Version Changes
0.?? Implemented.
0.21 Port to Test implemented.

Trees and sign implemented.

0.25 Added Cut trees.

Changed left ramp format.

0.35 Added the Waterfalls.
0.47.2 Added the sign.

Removed the door's texture.
Added the Youngster.
Added the second half of the map.
Added the stadium silhouette.

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