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Forum Dating Scheme

The Version History page has a conflicting dating scheme in some areas, (sometimes switching between D.M.Y and M.D.Y), and some of the more recent dates are plain wrong. I purpose we come up with a consistent dating scheme, one way or another, and make it continuous throughout the forum. The majority of the scheme is in D.M.Y, so I purpose we stay with the focus of that, but change to D-M-Y, or D/M/Y, (using hyphens, or forward slashes respectively, to separate, rather than periods), as it distinguishes itself from the version number better, and is commonly used more often in most countries. Omnipharious (talk) 18:24, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

any non DMY is a mistake(likely mine since b/c 'Murica) Darkfire (talk)