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A Shiny Pokémon is a specific Pokémon with different coloration to what is usual for its species. It is one of the many differences that a Pokémon can have within its species. Large overhauls to this system were made in 0.59, results in previous versions may vary.

Standard Rate

Shininess is determined and saved independently off all other stats. Most shininess calculations use the same base rate referred to in the code as the "Master Shiny Rate" (MSR). This starts initially at 1/4096. Obtaining the Shiny Charm will give a 25% boost to the MSR in all calculations it is used for. This makes the rate 3072. In addition mystery event can be activated to give a boost to the MSR.


Shininess gets additional boosts when breeding based on how many parents are already shiny:

No Shiny
No Shiny Parents (x1) 1/4096 1/3072
1 Shiny Parent (x6) 3/2048
2 Shiny Parents (x12) 3/1024


The engine allows for many several options for working with shininess through scripting:

  • @Battle.wild() - The third argument is a boolean for shininess.
  • @Pokemon.add() - The last of the nine possible arguments is a boolean for shininess.
  • @Pokemon.addtostorage() - The last of the nine possible arguments is a boolean for shininess.
  • @Pokemon.setshiny() - Sets the shininess for a given Pokemon in the party.
  • @pokemon.newroaming() - The last of the 6 arguments is a boolean for shininess.
  • <daycare.shinyindicator()> - Returns N for not shiny S for shiny based on the specified daycare's specified pokemon.
  • <pokemon.isshiny()> - Returns a bool based on the given party member's shinyness.

In addition; the @battle.wild command, @pokemon.add/addtostorage commands and the trainer listings in the .trainer files take the full pokemon data string which allows for setting the shiny value.

Shiny locks and gauranteed shinys

The following pokemon are guaranteed to be NOT shiny:

Pokemon Location Details
201 Unown x8 Ruins of Alph The 8 Unown attacking the "old man" in the event can't be shiny.
212 Scizor Twirl Forest The uncatchable Scizor can't be shiny.
021 Kenya the Spearow Goldenrod City gate to Route 35 The loaned Spearow can't be shiny.
172 Spiky-eared Pichu Ilex Forest from an event with the gift Pichu from The Omega Ghost. This special Pichu can't be shiny.

The following pokemon are guaranteed to be shiny:

Pokemon Location Details
130 Gyarados Lake of Rage The rampaging Red Gyarados in the lake during the Team Rocket events.
137 Porygon Kolben Tower Interacting with a screen showing a BSOD will start a battle with a shiny Porygon.
172 Pichu Kolben Tower A gift from The Omega Ghost.

Shiny Candy

This item will turn any pokemon given it shiny permanently. Originally obtainable in Hidden Grotto, the shiny candy was removed in version 0.54 due to excessive abuse of several glitches to farm large amounts of the candy. It was reintroduced in Version 0.59 as a reward for logging in with GameJolt 30 days. The item is now capped at having no more than one at a time to help prevent abuse.

Special Shiny rates

Event Boost No Shiny
Most Legendary Pokemon and Lapras (visible in the overworld) x2 1/2048 1/1536
Daily Login Bonus starter reward for day 29 x2 1/2048 1/1536
Rewards purchased as Voltorb Flip Prizes x2 1/2048 1/1536
Hidden Grotto Pokemon (visible in the overworld) x4 1/1024 1/768
Revived Fossils x8 1/512 1/384
Trainer Tower Dreepy Reward x8 1/512 1/384
Odd Egg gift from Route 34 Daycare always 14%

Shiny Hunting Special encounters

Most times that a Pokemon appears in the overworld before you battle or receive it, that pokemon will appear shiny. Their shiny ness is often determined when loading into the map they are located on. This makes some Pokemon easier to shiny hunt and some harder based on where they are in relation to the entrance to their map. Here is a listing of all Pokemon with these conditions and where and when to save to optimize shiny hunting them.

Pokemon Encounter Location Save Location Special Details
Hidden Grotto Encounters Various locations in Johto Immediately outside the Grotto Make sure you haven't entered the grotto since it reset, odds are 4x instead of 2x.
131 Lapras Lv.20 Union Cave B2F On BF1 before the ladder to B2F Will need to hike some distance before Lapras is in sight,
144 Articuno Lv.50 Seafoam Islands B4F On B3F before the first ladder down to B4F Should be visible from which ever ladder you take, the ladder east of the rocks on ice puzzle is a good choice.
145 Zapdos Lv.50 Route 10 Outside the Power Plant On Route 9 or before the north exit from Rock Tunnel The southern portion of the route wont trigger the shiny calculation.
146 Moltres Lv.50 Mt. Silver room above the Waterfalls. On 1F immediately before entering the room. Very easy to check as Moltres is visible almost immediately upon entering.
150 Mewtwo Lv.75 Cerulean Cave B1F On 1F before the ladder, the first time visiting during the Team Rocket Invasion. This one is hard to check as you must cross most of the floor to get a visual angle on Mewtwo
151 Mew Lv.50 Faraway Island Interior Before talking to the sailor on the Vermilion City Docks. When it flees from the truck pay attention to the color.
243 Raikou Lv.50 Roaming Johto After battling the Rival in Burned Tower. All three are determined by the same roll so they will either be all shiny or not in the Burned Tower cutscene.
244 Entei Lv.50 Roaming Johto After battling the Rival in Burned Tower.
245 Suicune Lv.50 Route 25 After battling the Rival in Burned Tower.
249 Lugia Lv.45/70 Whirl Islands B2F Waterfalls room B1F main room ladder before the room with the single big waterfall. Lugia will appear shiny through the door before actually entering its room.
250 Ho-Oh Lv.45/70 Tin Tower Roof Right before the ladder on 10F. It will be shiny in the cutscene so this is an easier one.
251 Celebi Lv.60 Ilex Forest Shrine event Save immediately before interacting with the shrine. Reset as soon as you see Celebi the first time.
385 Jirachi Lv.70 Millennial Star Tower Roof Right before the ladder to the roof. Simple.
494 Victini Lv.70 Liberty Garden basement. Save before the final room. It will appear shiny before battling Petrel.
643 Reshiram Lv.70 Embedded Tower Outside on Route 47 It will appear shiny in the cutscene.
644 Zekrom Lv.70 Embedded Tower Outside on Route 47 It will appear shiny in the cutscene.
646 Kyurem Lv.70 Embedded Tower Outside on Route 47 It will appear shiny in the cutscene.
719 Diancie Lv.50 Diamond Dive Below the big waterfall Before entering the final map, just before the small waterfall up to the spring. You should be able to tell shininess from above the waterfall.
721 Volcanion Lv.70 Mt. Ember Peak At the stairs below the peak Simple.