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Pokémon3D uses human-readable save file structure that everyone can open, read and edit it via any plain text editing software (like Notepad) easily. The game reads the save files when you choose save files via main menu, and writes a save file only when you perform the save feature.

Save files are located under a folder in directory Pokemon/Save. Usually the folder is the same name as the player name, but if you try to create a player name already existed it will have a number after it. (For example, choosing a name "Player" when a folder named "Player" already exists results in "Player0". Subsequent attempts results in "Player1", "Player2", and so on). Note that your player name is not determined by the folder name.

As of 0.23, an autosave feature is added, which uses folder name "autosave". Everything else is the same. If you name a character "autosave", problem will occur to this feature.

In additon, three more files exists in Pokemon/Save folder.

Note: Edit savefile at your own risk; if you are uncareful you may make the save unwinnable or even unreadable. It is recommended that one always backup his/her save before doing so.

File List

Player Folders

File Data
achievements.dat Achievement that the player has acquired.
Apricorns.dat Status of all apricorn trees.
Berries.dat Status of all berry trees.
Box.dat Your Pokemon boxes.
ItemData.dat Items scattered around the maps that you have collected.
Items.dat Your inventory.
NPC.dat How event NPCs and some event objects are manipulated.
Options.dat Local options (in contrary to options.dat in base folder).
Party.dat Status of current Pokemons in your party.
Player.dat Data related to gameplay.
Pokedex.dat Pokedex record.
Register.dat Event flags.

Base Folder

File Data
Keyboard.dat Controls.
options.dat Global options. Determine which save to load when you press the "Continue button" in main menu.

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