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With the implementation of online mode in 0.32 players started to gain points for things such as breeding, battleing, and even just walking around. these points allow the player to Level up, and, every five levels, change their trainer class and sprite. Also they can earn emblems that they can choose to display on their trainer card for other players to view.


Starting with the implementation of online mode in version 0.32 the player's sprite was locked to a specific sprite depending on their Player Rank. The following ranks exist in the game as of version 0.33:

Rank Name Level(pts) Male Sprite Female Sprite
Preschooler 1() - 5() Preschooler player M.png Preschooler player F.png
School Kid 5() - 10() School Kid player M.png School Kid player F.png
Youngster - Lass 10() - 15() Youngster player M.png Lass player F.png
Waiter - Waitress 15() - 20() Waiter player M.png Waitress player F.png
Backpacker 20() - 25() Backpacker player M.png Backpacker player F.png
Pokefan 25() - 30() Pokefan player M.png Pokefan player F.png
Butler - Maid 30() - 35() Butler player M.png Maid player F.png
Cheerleader 35() - 40() Cheerleader player M.png Cheerleader player F.png
Clerk 40() - 45() Clerk player M.png Clerk player F.png
Pokemon Breeder 45() - 50() Pokemon Breeder player M.png Pokemon Breeder player F.png
Drummer - Guitarist 50() - 55() Drummer player M.png Guitarist player F.png
Cyclist 55() - 60() Cyclist player M.png Cyclist player F.png
Rich Boy - Lady 60() - 65() Rich Boy player M.png Lady player F.png
Ranger 65() - 70() Ranger player M.png Ranger player F.png
Athlete 70() - 75() Athlete player M.png Athlete player F.png
Scientist 75() - 80() Scientist player M.png Scientist player F.png
Doctor - Nurse 80() - 85() Doctor player M.png Nurse player F.png
Gentleman - Socialite 85() - 90() Gentleman player M.png Socialite player F.png
Ace Trainer 90() - 95() Ace Trainer player M.png Ace Trainer player F.png
Veteran 95() - 100() Veteran player M.png Veteran player F.png


In Online mode you can earn points for things like battling, breeding, and even just walking around.

3 Defeat a trainer.
1 Defeat Wild Pokemon.
2 Pick a Berry.
1-10 Level up a Pokemon. Points gained is the square root
of the level rounded to the nearest whole number.
1 Find item on the ground.
1 Walk 256 steps without closing the game
3 Catch a Pokemon.
3 Trade on the GTS.
10 Evolve Pokemon.
10 Trade with npc.
10 Earn a badge.


To change your emblem, go to your trainer card and use up/down arrow keys to switch through available emblems.

Name Image Description
Alph AlphsEmblem.png Solve the Ruins of Alph puzzles.
Material MaterialEmblem.png Battle and defeat or catch the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage to obtain the Red Scale.
Cyber CyberEmblem.png Trade on the GTS.
Mega MegaEmblem.png Receive the Mega Bracelet from Professor Oak.
Zephyr ZephyrEmblem.png Get the Zephyr-Badge from Falkner.
Hive HiveEmblem.png Get the Hive-Badge from Bugsy.
Plain PlainEmblem.png Get the Plain-Badge from Whitney.
Fog FogEmblem.png Get the Fog-Badge from Morty.
Storm StormEmblem.png Get the Storm-Badge from Chuck.
Mineral MineralEmblem.png Get the Mineral-Badge from Jasmine.
Glacier GlacierEmblem.png Get the Glacier-Badge from Pryce.
Rising RisingEmblem.png Get the Rising-Badge from Clair.
Boulder BoulderEmblem.png Get the Boulder-Badge from Brock.
Cascade CascadeEmblem.png Get the Cascade-Badge from Misty.
Thunder ThunderEmblem.png Get the Thunder-Badge from Lt.Surge.
Rainbow RainbowEmblem.png Get the Rainbow-Badge from Erika.
Soul SoulEmblem.png Get the Soul-Badge from Janine.
Marsh MarshEmblem.png Get the Marsh-Badge from Sabrina.
Volcano VolcanoEmblem.png Get the Volcano-Badge from Blaine.
Earth EarthEmblem.png Get the Earth-Badge from Blue.
Johto JohtoEmblem.png Get all the badges from the Johto region.
Kanto KantoEmblem.png Get all the badges from the Kanto region.
Legendary LegendaryEmblem.png Have Ho-oh, Lugia and Suicune in your party.
Shooting Star ShootingStarEmblem.png Battle Jirachi
Genetics GeneticsEmblem.png Battle Mewtwo.
Victorious VictoriousEmblem.png Battle Victini.
Eruption EruptionEmblem.png Battle Volcanion.
Deep Sea DeepSeaEmblem.png Find a mysterious egg at the bottom of the sea
Eggsplosion EggsplosionEmblem.png Breed a Pokémon and pass down an egg move.
Mailman MailmanEmblem.png Get all the available mail items in the game.
Silver Ability SilverAbilityEmblem.png Defeat 21 trainers, including the Tower Tycoon, in a row in Battle Tower Challenge Mode.
Silver Knowledge SilverKnowledgeEmblem.png Defeat 35 trainers, including the Factory Head, in a row in Battle Factory Challenge Mode.
Champion ChampionEmblem.png Defeat Lance to become the Champion.
Snow SnowEmblem.png Defeat Red on Mt. Silver.
Eevee EeveeEmblem.png Get the 8 eevolutions (Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon)
Stars StarsEmblem.png Catch a shiny Pokémon (except a shiny Gyarados).
Heart Gold HeartGoldEmblem.png Battle Ho-oh.
Soul Silver SoulSilverEmblem.png Battle Lugia.
Tao TaoEmblem.png Battle Kyurem.
Ancestor AncestorEmblem.png Battle Mew.
Time TimeEmblem.png Have an adventure through time.
UnoDosTres UnoDosTresEmblem.png Have Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in your party.
Beast BeastEmblem.png Have Raikou, Entei, and Suicune in your party.
Gold Ability GoldAbilityEmblem.png Defeat 42 trainers, including the Tower Tycoon, in a row in Battle Tower Challenge Mode.
Gold Knowledge GoldKnowledgeEmblem.png Defeat 70 trainers, including the Factory Head, in a row in Battle Factory Challenge Mode.
Overkill OverkillEmblem.png Get a full party of level 100 Pokemon.
Pokédex PokédexEmblem.png Complete the Johto Pokédex - Catch 240 different Pokémon!