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Covet (Japanese: ほしがる Covet) is a damage-dealing Normal-type move.


Covet inflicts damage and steals the target's held item if it is holding any. If the target is not holding an item or the user is already holding an item, Covet only inflicts damage and will not be able to steal an item.

All stolen held items will be returned to the player if the opponent manages to steal an item by using Thief or Covet. The same if you steal a trainer's Held item.

Information Tab

ID Name Type Cat. Description Power Acc. PP
343 Covet Type Normal.png PhysicalMove.png Cutely begs to obtain an item held by the foe. 60 100% 40 (max 64)

Stealable Items

See Stealable Items.

Version History

Version Changes
0.21 Not implemented yet.