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Here is a list of all places from the Sevii Islands region that are in the game.


The Sevii Islands consists of 7 main islands and their nearby islands plus several smaller outlaying islands. These islands cannot be surfed to; to travel from island to island a Pokémon Trainer must take the Seagallop Ferries from another island or Vermilion City in Kanto. Since they do not have their own Pokemon League or other administrative bodies they are often included with the Kanto region for such purposes.

The seven main islands each have a numbered settlement as well as several routes and/or landmarks, and are called:

The Sevii Islands also contain

Cities / Towns

Name Image Location

One Island

One Island.png On Knot Island

Two Island

Two Island.png On Boon Island

Three Island

Three Island.png On Kin Island

Four Island

Four Island.png On Floe Island

Five Island

Five Island.png On Chrono Island

Six Island

Six Island.png On Fortune Island

Seven Island

Seven Island.png On Quest Island


Name Image Location

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach.png On Knot Island

Kindle Road

Kindle Road.png On Knot Island

Cape Brink

Cape Brink.png On Boon Island

Three Isle Port

Three Isle Port.png On Kin Island

Bond Bridge

Bond Bridge.png On Kin Island

Five Isle Meadow

Five Isle Meadow.png On Chrono Island

Memorial Pillar

Memorial Pillar.png On Chrono Island

Water Labyrinth

Water Labyrinth.png On Chrono Island

Resort Gorgeous

Resort Gorgeous.png On Chrono Island

Water Path

Water Path.png On Fortune Island

Green Path

Green Path.png On Fortune Island

Outcast Island

Outcast Island.png On Fortune Island

Ruin Valley

Ruin Valley.png On Fortune Island

Tower Straits

Tower Straits.png On Quest Island

Canyon Entrance

Canyon Entrance.png On Quest Island

Sevault Canyon

Sevault Canyon.png On Quest Island

Tanoby Ruins

Tanoby Ruins.png On Quest Island


Name Image Location

Kolben Tower

Kolben Tower.png On Knot Island

Mt. Ember

Mt. Ember.png On Knot Island

Berry Forest

Berry Forest.png On Kin Island

Icefall Cave

Icefall Cave.png On Floe Island

Rocket Warehouse

Rocket Warehouse.png On Chrono Island

Lost Cave

Lost Cave.png On Chrono Island

Altering Cave

Altering Cave.png On Fortune Island

Pattern Bush

Pattern Bush.png On Fortune Island

Dotted Hole

Dotted Hole.png On Fortune Island

Trainer Tower

Trainer Tower.png On Quest Island

Tanoby Chambers

Tanoby Chambers.png On Quest Island

Faraway Island

Faraway Island.png On Faraway Island

Underwater Cave

Underwater Cave.png In the Open Sea
List of Places.

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Sevii Islands

One Island | Two Island | Three Island | Four Island | Five Island | Six Island | Seven Island

Treasure Beach | Kindle Road | Cape Brink | Three Isle Port | Bond Bridge | Five Isle Meadow
Memorial Pillar | Water Labyrinth | Resort Gorgeous | Water Path | Green Path | Outcast Island
Ruin Valley | Tower Straits | Canyon Entrance | Sevault Canyon | Tanoby Ruins

Kolben Tower | Mt. Ember | Three Isle Path | Berry Forest | Icefall Cave | Rocket Warehouse
Lost Cave | Altering Cave | Pattern Bush | Dotted Hole | Trainer Tower | Tanoby Chambers
Faraway Island | Underwater Cave

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Liberty Garden

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