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Online features are features that can only accessed by logging in via gamejolt and playing your "Online" Save(Implmented v0.32).

Player Ranks and Emblems

With the implementation of online mode in 0.32 players started to gain points for things such as breeding, battleing, and even just walking around. these points allow the player to Level up, and, every five levels, change their trainer class and sprite. Also they can earn emblems that they can choose to display on their trainer card for other players to view.


Friend List

Displays a list of all the people you have registered as friends. Implemented in 0.33.

Rank List

Displays the players with the 10 highest scores compared to your own. Implemented in 0.33.

Daily Login Bonus

Starting with 0.59 every day that you load your GameJolt save you will be given a reward on a 30-day cycle. Make sure to save after receiving your gift!