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More details on Natures here.

Nature Num. Up Stat Down Stat
Hardy 00 None None
Lonely 01 Attack Defense
Brave 02 Attack Speed
Adamant 03 Attack Sp. Attack
Naughty 04 Attack Sp. Defense
Bold 05 Defense Attack
Docile 06 None None
Relaxed 07 Defense Speed
Impish 08 Defense Sp. Attack
Lax 09 Defense Sp. Defense
Timid 10 Speed Attack
Hasty 11 Speed Defense
Serious 12 None None
Jolly 13 Speed Sp. Attack
Naive 14 Speed Sp. Defense
Modest 15 Sp. Attack Attack
Mild 16 Sp. Attack Defense
Quiet 17 Sp. Attack Speed
Bashful 18 None None
Rash 19 Sp. Attack Sp. Defense
Calm 20 Sp. Defense Attack
Gentle 21 Sp. Defense Defense
Sassy 22 Sp. Defense Speed
Careful 23 Sp. Defense Sp. Attack
Quirky 24 None None