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Johto Gym Leaders


Gym Leader Falkner

Falkner is the first Gym Leader players will encounter. A master of Flying-type Pokémon, Falkner runs the Violet Gym, which he inherited from his father; the Pokémon he uses in battle also formerly belonged to him. Falkner's father is reported to be traveling, but is never seen in the game.

Known as "The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon", Falkner is adored as a cool and handsome Trainer. He looks up to and reveres his father, who was Gym Leader before him. Falkner aspires to follow in his dad's footsteps and be the greatest bird master. Falkner uses, notably, the lowest leveled Pokémon found in any Gym in any region. His Pidgeotto, in fact, is at an illegitimate level. Once defeated in battle, he will award winners with the Zephyr Badge and a Technical Machine: TM31 (Mud-Slap). All of his Pokémon know Mud Slap; Falkner uses this move as part of his battle strategy.

083 084 397 PBall PBall PBall
Farfetch'd Doduo Staravia - - -
LVL 15 LVL 15 LVL 18 - - -


Gym Leader Bugsy

Bugsy is the second Gym Leader to be challenged, although he cannot be fought until Team Rocket has been driven out of the Slowpoke Well. A master of Bug-type Pokémon, Bugsy runs the Azalea Gym.

Because of his research on Bug Pokémon, Bugsy's knowledge makes him an authority on them. He even discovered the move Fury Cutter, which is the signature move on his Scyther. This research has led to his given title, "The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia". He claims to never lose when it comes to Bug Pokémon, but—once defeated by the player—will admit his research isn't yet finished. Upon defeat he will hand out the Hive Badge, and TM49 (Fury Cutter).

541 544 123 PBall PBall PBall
Swadloon Whirlipede Scyther - - -
LVL 22 LVL 22 LVL 25 - - -


Gym Leader Whitney

Whitney is the third Gym Leader that Trainers must defeat to move further in the game. She is known as "The Incredibly Pretty Girl!". A master of Normal-type Pokémon, Whitney runs the Goldenrod Gym

Whitney uses the Normal-type, and although she only began battling a little while ago, her talent attracted the Pokémon League to choose her as a Gym Leader. Her Gym is filled with other young girls like herself, who use cute Normal-type Pokémon like Aipom, and is shaped like a Clefairy. She will throw a temper tantrum upon defeat and refuse to give the Plain Badge. A Gym Trainer will tell the player that she will eventually calm down. Once calmed down, however, she will give not only the Badge, but TM45 (Attract) as well. Apparently, this move is perfect for a cutie like her, because it makes full use of a Pokémon's cuteness.

036 241 PBall PBall PBall PBall
Clefable Miltank - - - -
LVL 30 LVL 33 - - - -


Gym Leader Morty

Morty is the fourth Gym Leader to be encountered. A user of the Ghost type, Morty is known as "The Mystic Seer of the Future". Morty is a follower of legendary Pokémon, and trains in Ecruteak City so he may be able to see the rainbow bird Ho-Oh. He is friends with Eusine.

The body of Morty's Gym is a dark pit. Trainers appear to float over it, standing on an invisible floor. Some Trainers are scared away by the ghosts within the Gym. A challenger able to navigate along the invisible floor can safely reach Morty and challenge him. Once defeated, he will yield the Fog Badge, and TM30 (Shadow Ball).

Morty does not spend all of his time in Ecruteak Gym. He joins Eusine in the Burned Tower where they study the legendary Pokémon Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

563 356 429 094 PBall PBall
Cofagrigus Dusclops Mismagius Gengar - -
LVL 38 LVL 38 LVL 39 LVL 41 - -


Gym Leader Chuck

Chuck is the Leader of the Cianwood Gym and the fifth Gym Leader. A Fighting-type Trainer, he is known to spar with his Pokémon to train both them and himself. His in-game title is "His Roaring Fists Do the Talking". Chuck is married, but spends little time with his wife. She isn't too fond of this, and spends her time standing outside the Gym, perhaps waiting in hope that he will come home.

Once challengers have made their way through his Gym, Chuck will attempt to intimidate them before battle by telling how his Pokémon "will crush stones and shatter bones." He then lifts and tosses a boulder prior to accepting the challenge.

Chuck enjoys a good battle, but after losing he vows to train 24 hours a day. After he is defeated, his wife will give the player HM02 (Fly), which the successful Trainer will now be able to use outside of battle. She also comments that she is grateful that her husband would be doing more training, since he was getting "a little chubby". In addition to the Storm Badge, Chuck gives out TM01 (DynamicPunch).

Even though Chuck is the fifth gym leader he may be battled after Jasmine and/or Pryce.

057 062 PBall PBall PBall PBall
Primeape Poliwrath - - - -
LVL 45 LVL 47 - - - -


Gym Leader Jasmine

Jasmine is the Gym Leader of the Olivine Gym and the Sixth Gym Leader. Her title is "The Steel-Clad Defense Girl."

Jasmine is a very shy girl and has trouble speaking. She is a compassionate girl, and when the Ampharos in the Shining Lighthouse (nicknamed Amphy) falls ill, Jasmine is so worried she cannot even smile. Amphy and Jasmine appear to be close, because once medicine is brought for Amphy, it will only take it from her.

Typically Jasmine is the Sixth Gym Leader to be challenged in the Johto region, although she is the fifth to be encountered. When she is first met she will refuse to battle the player, as she is busy taking care of a sick Ampharos. She requests that a special medicine be brought from the Cianwood City pharmacy. When it is retrieved, she will heal the Ampharos and return to the Gym. In battle, she uses the newly-discovered Steel-type Pokémon, but it's said that she used to train a different type until recently. A Gentleman in the Lighthouse says she used to train Rock-type Pokémon, like Onix. Once defeated she will yield the Mineral Badge and TM23 (Iron Tail).

While Jasmine is considered the Sixth Gymleader she can be battled before or after Chuck and/or Pryce.

082 437 208 PBall PBall PBall
Magneton Bronzong Steelix - - -
LVL 47 LVL 48 LVL 50 - - -


Gym Leader Pryce

Pryce is the seventh Gym Leader to be challenged in the Johto region. A specialist of the Ice-type, Pryce is known as "The Teacher of Winter's Harshness". Pryce is the oldest Gym Leader players will face in the games: he has been training Pokémon for over fifty years, and the Pokémon he battles with have been with him since before the player was born. The secret behind his power is—like Chuck—his daily meditation under a waterfall. Pryce claims that this strengthens both his body and his mind.

Pryce's Mahogany Gym cannot be challenged the first time the player arrives in Mahogany Town. A man is blocking entry to the Gym: he will only leave once Team Rocket has been defeated at their headquarters and the Gyarados at the nearby Lake of Rage have been calmed. Once an icy maze inside the Gym has been traversed, Pryce will battle with the player. Upon defeat, he will yield both the Glacier Badge, and TM16 (Icy Wind).

Even though Pryce is considered the seventh gym leader he may be battled before Jasmine and/or Chuck.

131 461 473 PBall PBall PBall
Lapras Weavile Mamoswine - - -
LVL 59 LVL 60 LVL 61 - - -