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A Pokémon League Champion, usually refers to a Trainer who has completed a Pokémon League by collecting all the necessary Badges, and either winning a regional Pokémon tournament or defeating the Elite Four and the previous Pokémon Champion (if there is one). The Champion usually resides in the Indigo Plateau with the Elite Four but some relinquish the position to pursue other adventures, train, or retire. This is the case with the current Kanto Champion, Red, who left his Champion duties to the current Johto and ex-Kanto Champion, Lance.


The current dragon master of Blackthorn City and Cousin of Clair the Blackthorn Gym Leader, The Player meets Lance at the Lake of Rage in Johto and assists him in defeating Team Rocket in their base in Mahogany Town. Though he is only the Johto Champion he was once the Kanto Champion as well and currently serves as the Kanto Champion in Red's place.

130 006 142 149 149 149
Gyarados Charizard Aerodactyl Dragonite Dragonite Dragonite
Lv 46 Lv 48 Lv 48 Lv 47 Lv 47 Lv 50

After watching the exchange between Lance and Silver in Dragon's Den Lance changes up his team.

373 130 445 334 006My 149
Salamence Gyarados Garchomp Altaria Mega Charizard Y Dragonite
Lv 72 Lv 71 Lv 72 Lv 73 Lv 74 Lv 75


A trainer from Pallet Town in Kanto, Red became the Kanto Regional Champion 3 years before the beginning of the story after defeating his Rival Blue. Shortly thereafter he gave his duties as Kanto Champion to Lance so he could go on a training journey into the wilderness. He can be found on top of Mt. Silver and will battle when spoken to.

025 131 143 003 006 009
Pikachu Lapras Snorlax Venusaur Charizard Blastoise
Lv 88 Lv 80 Lv 82 Lv 84 Lv 84 Lv 84

After receiving a Kanto starter from Professor Oak Red's team will change slightly based on which starter you choose.

If the player chose Bulbasaur:
025 131 143 003 006My 009
Pikachu Lapras Snorlax Venusaur Mega Charizard Y Blastoise
Lv 90 Lv 83 Lv 85 Lv 86 Lv 88 Lv 86
If the player chose Charmander:
025 131 143 003 006 009M
Pikachu Lapras Snorlax Venusaur Charizard Mega Blastoise
Lv 90 Lv 83 Lv 85 Lv 86 Lv 86 Lv 88
If the player chose Squirtle:
025 131 143 003M 006 009
Pikachu Lapras Snorlax Mega Venusaur Charizard Blastoise
Lv 90 Lv 83 Lv 85 Lv 88 Lv 86 Lv 86

Version history

Version Changes
0.32 Implemented Lake of Rage and Team Rocket HQ event with Lance
0.36 Implemented Lance with Elite Four
0.54 Implemented cut-scene with Rival and Powered up teams.
0.55 Implemented Red battle on Mt. Silver
0.55.2 Implemented Red power up after speaking with Professor Oak

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