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A Hidden Machine (abbreviated to HM) is an item that is to be used on Pokémon to teach them a certain move. Unlike their TM counterparts, HMs aren't destroyed after use, and can be used over and over again. All moves from an HM can be used outside of battle to aid the player on their journey, however, the player must have a certain amount of badges before they can use it outside of battle. HMs cannot be forgotten by Pokémon by normal means, and need to be removed by the help of a Move Deleter. HMs, like Key Items, cannot be sold.


Image Name Move Taught Location
HMNormal.png HM 01 Cut Given to the player by the Charcoal master in Ilex Forest after catching the Farfetch'd.
HMFlying.png HM 02 Fly Given to the player by Chuck's wife in Cianwood city after beating Chuck.
HMWater.png HM 03 Surf Given to the player by the man with the Rhydon in Ecruteak city after beating Kimono Girls.
HMNormal.png HM 04 Strength Given to the player by a Sailor in Olivine City in Olivine Café.
HMElectric.png HM 05 Flash Given to the player by Elder Li in Sprout Tower upon defeating him.
HMWater.png HM 06 Whirlpool Given to the player by Lance after defeating the Electrode in Team Rocket's HQ in Mahogany Town.
HMWater.png HM 07 Waterfall Found in the Ice Path on the first floor on the other side of the third patch of ice.
HMNormal.png HM 08 Rock Climb Given to the player by an old man in Ember Spa on Kindle Road.
HMFighting.png HM 09 Ride Given to the player by the owner of Miracle Cycle in Goldenrod City.
HMWater.png HM 10 Dive Found in the lowest floor of Icefall Cave.

Version History

Version Changes
0.010a HMs in general implemented.
0.19 HM 01 implemented.
0.47 HM 10 implemented.