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What is global trade station?

Global trade station (GTS) is a function in the PSS that allow you to trade online.

This feature has been implemented for quite sometime and it is still quite buggy.

In the main interface, there are 4 options.

  • Inbox
  • Search
  • Setup
  • Exit

Remember that the GTS system is still beta so right now, the search function only populate 6 pokémon at a time.

Also if you have lost your pokémon or if it gets cloned, do goto the forum and Make a thread in the bugs forum and someone will help you.

How to setup a trade?

To setup a trade, simple goto setup and setup a new pokémon.

You are reminded that pokémon with HMs or eggs are prohibited in trading. Don't waste your time if you are trying to do so.

You can trade to your friends or give your friend pokemon through this way. Make sure that you and your friend gamejolt are friends. ( )

There are two option for trading, private or public (world). Select private to trade with your own friends or public to everyone in the world. Also if the friend list is blank but you see the Gamejolt ID, try press each one and wait for it to display the name.

You could also exit the GTS first, at the PSS menu, select the first button (PSS) and press A until you see your friendlist. Find your friend and click on it. There will be three buttons and three blank buttons. Ignore them, and look at the profile below.

Remember the Gamejolt ID which is about 6 numbers in brakets.

Go back to the GTS setup and find the same gamejolt ID.

After you have done setting up, it will send the pokémon to the cloud and the user will receive it within 1 day period.

How to collect Pokémon that is in the inbox?

Simply Goto the Inbox tab in the GTS main menu, wait for a while.

Nothing appear? Try refresh again by going in and out of GTS. It might take sometime to appear and if you still can't find your Pokémon, then probably it is lost.

Else if it appear, simply press withdraw once and wait. Pressing more than once will generate bugs.

How to get back my lost Pokémon?

Simply Contact any staff from P3D forum and they will restore for you.

Please do not report this to even though it is a bug. The staff or the community will still redirect you.

What are the stars for?

They are just a guage how rare the pokémon is. You don't have to care about it.