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The day/night cycle in Pokémon 3D is the real-time cycle and is set after the clock of the computer the game is executed on. There are four different phases that appear at different times: Night, Morning, Day, and Evening.

Current Season

All season are estimated and not exact. It might be different.

Today: Winter

The phases

There are set times when time phases change. They are different in each season.

Phase Image Times Description
Night 8 PM - 4.59 AM
Morning 5 AM - 9.59 AM
Day 10 AM - 4.59 PM
Evening 5 PM - 7.59 PM

Phase Image Times Description
Night 9 PM - 3.59 AM
Morning 4 AM - 8.59 AM
Day 9 AM - 6.59 PM
Evening 7 PM - 8.59 PM

Autumn (Fall)
Phase Image Times Description
Night 8 PM - 5.59 AM
Morning 6 AM - 9.59 AM
Day 10 AM - 5.59 PM
Evening 6 PM - 7.59 PM

Phase Image Times Description
Morning 7 AM - 10.59 AM
Day 11 AM - 4.59 PM
Evening 5 PM - 6.59 PM
Night 7 PM - 6.59 AM
Phase Image Times Description


Night.png 10 PM - 5 AM The night is the darkest phase. It lasts for 6 hours. The sky is clear and one can see the stars.




5 AM - 9 AM In the morning, the sky is cloudy and orange because the sun is rising.

There is also a special version of this phase, called aurora borealis. In 1 out of 250 cases this occurs. It changes the sky color to a darker orange color and adds aurora effects to the clouds.


Daytime.png 9 AM - 6 PM The day has a light blue sky with white clouds. It lasts for 10 hours.


Evening.png 6 PM - 10 PM In the evening, sky gets darker and the clouds are light blue - light pink colored.



The sky and skycolor changes with the time. Also, the world is darker at night.


Some Pokémon can only be found at a specific time of the day. For example, Hoothoot can only be found at night.

List of Pokemon which ones evolves at certain time of day

Morning or Day

Night or Evening

Trainer's Tip

Version history

Version Changes
0.01a Implemented