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Starting with 0.59 every day that you load your GameJolt save you will be given a reward on a 30-day cycle. Make sure to save after receiving your gift!


Once per day, when you load in to your GameJolt save file, you will receive a bonus of money, items or pokemon. A brief description will show in the top right corner of the screen. Some times more details will be available by pressing "Q", but you never NEED to press Q to receive the gift. Make sure to save immediately to keep the gift. The system tracks on calendar date using your local system clock. If you are playing at midnight local time you will need to save, exit and load back in to receive your gift as it only checks at game load. You will not be set back for missing a day and the count will resume where you left off as if the missed days never happened. The 30-Day cycle consists of a smaller 7 day cycle that repeats 4 times before the last 2 unique days run.

Rewards cycle details

Not all rewards have the same odds of occurring on their day. Each item will have the same number of chances and dividing by the sum of the individual chances will give you the odds.

Also on each loop of the 7-day cycle the amount of the reward will increase (this resets after the 30-day cycle). For example on Day 1 you can get 10,000 PokeDollars; but on day 8 you can get 20,000; day 15 30,0000; and day 22 40,000 (10,000*cycle).

Days 1, 8, 15, and 22

The theme for day 1 is money, with the rewards being items you can sell for money, BP or just straight up cash.

Chance total: 40

Image Name Chances Quantity
$$$$ PokéDollars 8 10,000 * Cycle
BP Battle Points 6 10 * Cycle
Nugget.png Nugget 2 3 + Cycle
Big Nugget.png Big Nugget 1 Cycle
Pearl.png Pearl 6 10 * (Cycle + 1)
Big Pearl.png Big Pearl 2 2 * (Cycle + 1)
Pearl String.png Pearl String 1 1
Stardust.png Stardust 2 10 * Cycle
Star Piece.png Star Piece 2 2 * Cycle
Comet Shard.png Comet Shard 1 1
Tiny Mushroom.png Tiny Mushroom 6 20 * Cycle
Big Mushroom.png Big Mushroom 2 4 * Cycle
Balm Mushroom.png Balm Mushroom 1 1

Days 2, 9, 16, and 23

The theme for day 2 is Pokéballs.

For every 10 balls given a Premier Ball is given too.

Chance total is 36.

Image Name Chances Quantity
Master Ball.png Master Ball 0.5 1
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball 2.5 5 * Cycle
Great Ball.png Great Ball 5 10 * Cycle
Poké Ball.png Poké Ball 10 20 * Cycle
Quick Ball.png Quick Ball 2 5 * Cycle
Dusk Ball.png Dusk Ball 2 5 * Cycle
Dive Ball.png Dive Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Timer Ball.png Timer Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Heavy Ball.png Heavy Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Net Ball.png Net Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Image Name Chances Quantity
Level Ball.png Level Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Lure Ball.png Lure Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Fast Ball.png Fast Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Friend Ball.png Friend Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Moon Ball.png Moon Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Love Ball.png Love Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Repeat Ball.png Repeat Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Luxury Ball.png Luxury Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Heal Ball.png Heal Ball 1 5 * Cycle
Nest Ball.png Nest Ball 1 5 * Cycle

Days 3, 10, 17, and 24

The theme for day 3 is Medicine.

All of the items have the same chance except that Fanta has a 25% chance of being Sacred Ash instead.

Image Name Quantity
Max Revive.png Max Revive Cycle
Full Restore.png Full Restore Cycle
Max Potion.png Max Potion Cycle
Max Elixir.png Max Elixir Cycle
PP Up.png PP Up Cycle
Full Heal.png Full Heal 2 * Cycle
PP Max.png PP Max 2
Fanta.png Fanta 5 * Cycle
Sacred Ash.png Sacred Ash 1
Moomoo Milk.png Moomoo Milk 10 * Cycle
Max Ether.png Max Ether Cycle

Days 4, 11, 18, and 25

The theme for day 4 is Held Items.

On Day 4 one item will be chosen, on day 11 two will be chosen and so on.

Every item has an equal chance of being pulled from the list of 45 items.

Days 5, 12, 19, and 26

The theme for day 5 is Evolution Items.

On Days 5 and 12 one item will be chosen and on days 19 and 26 two items will be chosen.

Every item has an equal chance of being pulled from the list of 17 items except King's Rock and Metal Coat which have double odds.

Days 6, 13, 20, and 27

The theme for day 6 is Evolution Stone.

The gift will be the same stone * the Cycle.

Every stone has an equal chance of being pulled from the list of 10 stones.

Days 7, 14, 21, and 28

The theme for day 7 is rare items.

The Chance total is 11.

Image Name Chances Quantity
Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 4 2 + Cycle
Ability Capsule.png Ability Capsule 3 Cycle
Exp Share.png Exp Share 1 1
Lucky Egg.png Lucky Egg 1 1
Everstone.png Everstone 1 1
Soothe Bell.png Soothe Bell 1 1

Day 29

The theme for day 29 is starter pokemon. One of the available starter pokemon (Gens 1-6 + Pikachu and Eevee) will be given at random. The Pokemon is gauranteed to have its Hidden Ability, have IVs >= 20 in all stats, and has double odds to be Shiny.

The Generation 1 and 2 starters as well as Pikachu and Eevee each have only 1 chance (3.125%) to be the chosen pokemon, where as all of the others have 2 chances (6.25%).

Day 30

The reward for day 30 is always the Shiny Candy!

Warning! There is a bag limit of ONE for the Shiny Candy and this will prevent you from receiving the gift! It also cannot be held by Pokemon. Make sure to use your Shiny candy before the next 30 day cycle ends!!!